2 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON M4L

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Do NOT move into any of the buildings under this companies care at this location. As a recently past tenant the bed bug problem was never dealt with properly in our stay. They will bomb a floor of units but never the whole building only causes the problem to move around.
The problem was so bad they were in the MAIL BOXES... then carried into our home. You could see them running along the common areas/stairwells. In corners of spiderwebs having been eaten, it was disgusting.
My boyfriend a

nd I with our two cats went through 2 winters of dealing with them and narrowly missed a third as we were checked and cleared a week before moving out as the problem surfaced again. We feared having people over or going to visit anyone and he has a young daughter. Also good luck getting anything reimbursed if you have to toss it due to the bugs. If you think you'll ever have to fight them in court make sure everything is documented well.

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What on earth does sitting in front of the building have to do with Bed Bug prevention. It could happen to anyone of us regardless of income, how clean we are,or how long we have been at the address.
yes ,the super is doing a great job in keeping the building beautiful, but their are a few bad apples at every resident who don't do their part in helping to keep the place nice and clean ,yet this is the place they call home.

My neighbour came and told me she had to have her apartment sprayed for bed bugs and now I have seen them in the hall of the apartment. I am asking to have my apartment sprayed tomorrow.

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