1792 Dundas St E
Toronto, ON M4L

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there were no bed bugs at this location. Only a hysterical tenant trying to extort money from the landlords. This was settled through a lawyer in 2012.

I have been bitten for over a week now my bites are becoming infected and turning into welts. I alerted the landlord immediately. They refused to treat with pesticides and for other reasons will not be able to move forward with Thermal. They have resorted to treating the entire house with DE an all-natural remedy. The house is a semi. Connected to a rooming house, could explain the infestation - the bugs may have traveled through the walls into the basement apartment. The next door house is like

ly to not treat the problem - meaning a good chance the bed bugs will return through the walls. Due to the lack of proper pest control, I am forced to toss all my belongings and move out.

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