1746 Queen St E
Toronto, ON M4L

Found 3 reports:

Stay away unless you want your life ruined. No help was offered while we suffered for months. Even when we had our baby inside. The landlord has no morals and values. I spent $5000 paying for treatments and new furniture.

They offered no help. The place had never been renovated and needed all kinds of work and they let us suffer and then renovated and got rid of the bugs when we were forced to abandon the place. We will never forget what these people did to us. Honestly one of the worst memor

ies of my life. Did I mention we had a baby inside?

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This home was immediatly treated by Allphase thermal solutions upon vacancy. Totally renovated all carpet removed no siting of bed bugs reported. Tenant in basement has been there throughout and has no issue. It has been rented over the last 5 months and no bugs have been seen. Copy of report is available on request.

Discovered bed bugs in the house the middle of June 2014. Landlords refused to pay for treatment. Abandoned the apt after paying for 2 unsuccessful sprays and months of infestation......

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