1691 Gerrard St E
Toronto, ON M4L

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This place is disgusting! Do NOT move in here. The rent is cheap because you get what you pay for in this place. I had EVERY bug known to man here. I only lived here for six months and had bed bugs, and constantly had cockroaches, centipedes, millipedes, ear wigs and more spiders then you could ever imagine, with tons of tiny bugs caught in their webs, which new ones appeared every day. This building is NOT maintained and they paint over problems instead of fixing them. My apartment didn't even

have window screens! They refused to provide them and just give the run around and stall. They just tell you "we are ordering" or "will have them soon." I was here for six months! They told me everything would be fixed and cleaned when I moved in and nothing was done. They also have TONS of mould and plumbing problems, which I experienced. They refused to fix. This place is a DUMP and I'm moving into a new apartment that’s $400/mth more in rent because I would rather be on a budget then risk living this nightmare again! Even if you can't afford more rent there are better deals. As mentioned they were also forced to shut down their garbage chute by public health. They also go through supers like toilet paper, and the owners are dirt bags. I feel sorry for anyone who moves in or decides to stay! YIKES! Learnt my lesson on cheap rentals.

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I moved into this building Nov.1. 2007. befor I moved in I asked the super if they hand any bed bugs. he said no this was a man named mark at the time. Well over the xmas hoildays I found out that it was not my cat that gave me hives but bugs. I went to paint in my bedroom area and had them all over my pants. I never knew this was going on even when I washed my bedding. When I saw what I had , I called the super. HE had the nerve to tell me that they came from where I lived befor. I just moved o

ut of my parents house..they live in the middle of a feild. I was a battle to get the man to do anything about it. Due to my income I had to save up money for the next 6 weeks to buy an air mattress..so my bath tub became my new bed. It took me 7 months and about $1000 later to be rid of them. 4 people out of 8 apts on my floor had them. I moved out Dec 19 2009...due to how bad the cockroaches were. Public Health had to shut down the garbage drops. RENT IS FAIR AND ITS A BIG SPACE BUT NOT WORTH IT

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my first time beg bug in apt 330 Gerrard st E this happen for peoples around cracking, dirty,and spread begbug in your clothes them never get to be cleaned!very weir! beg bud is really dangerous!!

I moved in Oct. 1 2008. I had bed bugs within the first two weeks after moving in here. I knocked on everydoor in my building, to find that 4 people were currently dealing with them. Many more people had said they had been fumigated at least once for the bugs. Cockroaches are bad in here as well. The landlord does not admit to their being an infestation. This building is disgusting.

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