1550 Queen St E
Toronto, ON M4L

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Sorry, also we have been the managers of the building since March 2012. Cheers

Hi there we are the new managers of the building, as soon as we moved in we had the entire building treated several times and eliminated the problem within a month, bugs are only a problem if it is not treated and unfortunately the old super didn't do anything about it, we have been in the building for four years and have not had an issue again, We also have the common areas treated monthly as we are a pet friendly building. If you have any questions feel free to contact us, the info is on the f

ront door of the building. Cheers

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Any new reports for this location? Maybe from old tenants experience who have been here from when the lace was infested?mif it still is?

No Bed Bugs anymore, new management cleans this place and the carpeting in the hallways were removed to tiling. So far 5 months free of bugs. Also noted better tenants that care, have moved in. New Management made a difference, still have the odd roach, but they are very pro-active.

March 28, 2012

New to the building, very happy with the building managers, they are very proactive and taking very good care of the cleaning and maintenance. I have not seen a single bug in my unit or building and have been told issues in the past have been dealt with aggressively. I have seen pest control come in, they said they come in regularly to treat and make sure the issue never returns.

Very happy with the building and the location to the beach!

The whole building is infested. Pest control came twice in the last month, they told us it was their "summer project"!
WARNING: THE SUPERINTENDENT WILL LIE ABOUT IT IF YOU ASK and make it seem like it's all under control, do not believe a word of it.

Our neighbor is completely infested and people in this building are not willing to do what it takes to get rid of bedbugs, we got our place treated yesterday for the 2nd time this month but they still lurk around the apartment, and even though w

e're not getting bitten because we have not bought furniture, we still find live ones everywhere (not to mention the skins and shells!).

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I moved in with no warning, got my place "treated" but they still lurk around the apartment. why isnt the building better maintained? and why has the building not been fumigated?

In here one month, Superintendent told me last week July 11, 2011. He was having four units sprayed. Two days later, I am itchy, etc. Left him a message. Maybe if they steam cleaned the carpets in the hallways, it would not be a breeding ground. I am welted.

Been getting bites since about a month ago - only been living here for two months. Told the landlord and he has called people to come in, now I must wait. I've actually seen two of them in my apartment. Been suffering from insomnia and phantom itches - I'm very squeamish.

Been living in this place since spring - within 3 months i have started getting bites and recently found bed bug molts around my bed area. I have no idea if others in this building are experiencing it but there it is.

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