1328 Queen St E
Toronto, ON M4L

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I've lived in this community about a year and a half now and at first it seemed great, cheap rent, well kept, location, etc. but then I started noticing bites on my neck, legs and feet. I thought that because it was the summer when I moved in, it may have been mosquitoes but it wasn't. You have to understand this is a really close knit community (see:creepy) so I'm reporting this now, only because I'm moving soon but I've talked to other people that live here and there are others that have the s

ame problems.

The management was helpful in ...blaming me for bringing them in and saying not to tell anyone else in the buildings (there are three of them). I assure you I dry clean all of my cloths and am a very neat person, almost to a fault and the management did pay for the cleaning so I'm guessing they agree.

Nearly a week after the first cleaning they were back so my partner suggested I move, I was going to give it another month but after I found them in the backs of the built in cabinets, near my bed and in my bathroom I decided it was time to move on. Watch out for this place, they make it seem all nicey nice and it is, as long as you don't mind sleeping with the bugs.

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