10 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON M4L

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THIS BUILDING IS THE WORST! Bedbugs, mice, terrible landlord. Don't move here!

In the last few months I was living here, I was catching 1-5 bedbugs a day. Landlord was quick to send someone to treat my place but it was always the CHEAPEST solution. My place got sprayed 8 times in the year I lived here, and it was terrible to live with my things packed in bags for weeks on end.

The landlord here does not care about the building or the tenants. They ignore written correspondence and don't return calls. And STILL rent to people without telling them what they're moving int


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I lived here for a year (2014-2015). I had never before had problems with bedbugs but within a few months of living there, I started to see them in my apartment. They were in weird places at first, like the bathroom and kitchen, but soon found their way to the couch and bed, and I started to wake up with bites which was awful. When I asked for it to be treated, the management had my individual unit sprayed. I privately hired a pest control company to come and inspect, and they found that the bug

s I was seeing were overflow from a neighboring unit. When I advised management, they said they would not inspect and would only treat units when asked directly by the tenant, which is an ineffective way of treating an infestation. The building management was extremely difficult to work with and I never felt like they cared about me or the state of the building. With the advice of the pest control company, I packed up and left before the bedbugs could take up residence in my furniture. Some of my neighbors had been in the building for 3-5 years, and said that bedbugs have been an issue the whole time and with the current management in place and tenants in residence, I don't see any resolution in sight.

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