869 Broadview Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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Hi I have moved into this buiding in Sept.2010 and it has been bought by two new onwers and there has been a big cleanup done to this building and I haven,t seen any signs of bedbugs or heard of any by other tenants

i was excited to find this apartment...it is a building with approximately 12-16 units, all bachelors except for the top floor upon which all were loft-style apartments. heated floors, juliette balcony with french doors, skylight...and the location was great! right away after moving in i saw a cockroach...but i suppose due to the fact that i am somewhat of a neat freak, the sightings were extremely minimal. i kept getting bite marks on me and assumed my cat had fleas...i treated him (multiple ti

mes) and although he was an indoor cat, the "FLEAS" kept on coming back. this went on for some time, with no other signs of bugs...until one day i was changing the sheets on my bed and pulling the fitted sheet off flung a bug across the room. of course i screamed like a little girl (well i am a girl) as i crushed MY blood out of their disgusting little bodies. to be honest, i hadn't even realized bedbugs were a real thing until that moment, but immediately i knew that was what they were. i did not stay even one more night in that apartment, and threw out the majority of my furniture-including a brand new $1600 mattress (and the things that i did keep i had a pest control guy go over and tell me what was salvageable). easily one of the worst experiences in my life, and hopefully thanks to this website, something i will never again have to go through!!!

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