85 Gamble Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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i am going to mooving in december 1st. I ould like to know if there is any update regarding the spray for the bedbugs ????

Thank you

We are looking into moving into this apartment, any recent incident of bed bugs / roaches/ rodents? or has a spray been done recently? I noticed a report back from June so I'm a bit concerned. Further info / update would be great!

Lived here for over 6 months, switched to a bigger apartment during the last week of March 2012. A week after moving I saw a bedbug in my closet. Told the super I would like to have spray done, after 2 weeks they had not sprayed. I talked to the super, I had found blood in the bed, but wasn't showing bites or finding bugs anywhere. The super tried to convince me it was spiders. I asked again for a spray and expert to inspect. 1 week later I found a bug and sprayed it with rubbing alchool which I

had kept ready for doing inspections, I took pictures and put it in a ziploc bag to show the super. He finally believed me, but spray wasn't done for another week. I have started talking to my neighbours and have found out that at least 3 other tenants have become infested since moving here. I watched a bug come right up out of the floor a few nights ago. There is no containment area for large garbage. People keep bringing the bugs back into the building on infested furniture.

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We were just told by the Superintendent that they will be spraying our unit in 48 hours because our neighbour has bedbugs. Otherwise this is a very clean building. No roaches or rodents.

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