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I have lived here for two years now. This building is spotless. Comparing this place to a Nazi concentration camp is absolutely ridiculous and you should be ashamed of yourself by doing so. It is a bit tired, but it's clean and the majority of people that live here are quite nice. No bed bugs, no roaches. The superintendent is great, it's clear that she truly enjoys her job and cares about the tenants and the community.

Stay away from this building. Careless management. Rules like in a concentration camp. Tenants were mistreated after the fire in 2011. In Nazi Germany people were treated better than at 80 Cosburn. Bedbugs are a problem.

My family lived at 80 cosburn for years...no bedbugs, no cockroaches, great supers. Sure the building was looking a bit tired, but was always well maintainted. You people who think that brown management was responsible for your troubles, think again. It was the landlord, hanard investments that was responsible for the problems you had getting back in. Also, duh...did it ever occur to any of you assholes that it was NOT SAFE TO ENTER THE BUILDING FOR SEVERAL WEEKS after the fire. If you used

common sense instead of whining all the time....boohoo, you would realize that YOUR safety was first and foremost the issues with the management company. Once construction started it was difficult to allow many people back in to get their stuff. If management had allowed all of you back in then the repair work would have been delayed and you would not be able to move back in June, but likely several more months would have gone by waiting for all of you to pack. Grow up !!

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Ok, So all of you guys saying shit about the supers and everything like that, i have those supers, too. THE BEST SUPERS EVER!!! And plus, they are VERY responsive! So STFU AHOLES.k ,

This building looks amazing from outside. Landscaping is incredible. Inside freshly painted, new carpet, new heating, new wiring, modern elevators and No bugs! Would recommend this place to anyone.

my girlfriend too was evacuated due to electrical fire. New management now... seems more responsive to work orders. Still, this forum is about bugs and she has had NO problem at all...

This place by far is one the worst buildings to live in on Cosburn... All they're rules suck and the management is pretty bad. The kitchen cabinets are from 1930's... The landlord and management are one of the most cheapest people out there. l suggest u think twice about paying rent to live in this SHITHOLE!!! PLUS... There's a good chance of this building burning down one day... Your lives will be always at risk...

* Building fire
As many might know, there was a building fire in mid-February 2011in the building. People were evacuated for almost 4 months with minimal information and virtually no communication about what was going on. The situation was very difficult for contracts, old people, disabled people, families with young kids.
Some tenants were only allowed to get their wallets and IDs 3 days after the incident, no home, no money, no ID.
To leave the building and get your security deposit back, y

ou had to renounce to your rights to sue the landlord. At no point until the end of March, a reasonable estimate was provided for the expected comeback.
As soon as the tenants were able to return, they were notified of a rent increase and they were given a bottle of water as well as a 50$ metro card for groceries.
During the evacuation, the heating system and the electrical wiring were fixed, but not the elevators. Most of the time, only one elevator is working, it happens every 2 weeks. Items were stolen by the personal allowed to walk inside tenants apartments. Tenants need to clean themselves their units for at least 2 weeks to be able to leave there, many items needed to be thrown to garbage.

* Management and superintendent
When things go wrong, people tend to yell at the superintendent. After a while a notice is displayed letting tenants know that the superintendent has no ability to take or influence the landlord decisions. The management doesn't really care about what's going on in the building and the many problems occurring every week.
Information is only communicated if you request it or if everybody may notice and complain about a problem.

* Elevator issues
The technician fixing the elevators told us that he informed the management many years ago that the elevators needed to be replaced. Sometimes you have to take the stairs and depending on your floor, your time, your condition(total of 16 floors), it may not be enjoyable.
You may also get stuck in the elevator couple of times, just grab your phone all the time, just to be safe.

* Laundry room
Many times the laundry room is closed for hot water issues

* Bugs
Depending on your floor it might vary. You need to spray some bug/insect killers ideally every 2 weeks, even if you never open your windows.

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To the person who posted below ... right. How did you enjoy being evacuated for three and a half months because of the electrical fire which was caused by the landlords' complete failure to keep the wiring up to code? It's been nothing but a positive experience for you?

I smell a fake post from building management.

i am so shocked to hear all of all this about 80 cosbourn. i have been at this building for a long time and the staff has been nothing but helpful. i feel like i'm part of a family. rose is the cleaner and she is like the building mother. she knows everyone by name. any time i've ever had a maintenance request its done right away. never any bugs. ive even brought friends to live here...

We had just recently discovered bedbugs (which were biting us and which we saw with our own eyes), before the fire happened. If the landlords EVER get around to letting us back in the building, I'm curious to see if the fire killed off the bugs. I don't plan to stick around though. :P Stay away from these landlords, they don't give a crap about tenants and ever since the awesome two male superintendents moved to 25 Cosburn and were replaced by someone else, it's gone way downhill.

It's actually not the brown group who owns the building. it's Havard investments and they hired the brown group to look after it. Don't forget the water leaving underground all the time. it's water that leaked into the electrical room that caused the fire. The elevator was not working at least 2 times every 2 weeks sometimes but they were going to replace them in April. Now that's not going to happen. They also want to charge higher rent because of some work they did to the building.

In terms of bugs, rats and so on everything is fine.

There was an electrical fire in the building and the Brown Company is refusing to take responsibilities. We've been out since mid-february and it's already April. No compensation, no help, no wallet for some of us for 3 days, no information about anything.

- As mentioned by others, it's very cold during Winter. In fact I have 3 portable electrical heaters : two in the living room, another one in the bedroom.
- Elevators don't work at le

ast twice a month and you may get stuck in the morning on your way to work...
- You may also not get hot water everyday to get a bath, even thought it happens few times a year for about 9 hours.

Don't move into any Building own by the Brown Company.

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I've lived here for over 2 years and in terms of cleanliness and infestations, everything was perfect (in fact I think the two first posts at the bottom might be mistakes/cross-posts from other buildings as I've seen errors like that before on this site, ie. duplicate posts), but last night I saw a bedbug for the first time in this building. It was crawling up the wall just outside our kitchen. We just got new neighbours, they might be the source but we don't know. We're pretty upset. So far the

y don't seem to have reached our bed, so we're taking as many preventative measures as possible and contacting building management.

The post below mine about heating/air conditioning is true (though they do let you use portable air conditioners in the summer, just not window units), however it has nothing to do with bedbugs. Keep it relevant.

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this building is cold in the winter because the fuckers dont put up heat, and in the summer you are not allowed to put up an air conditioner

I have lived at this address for 4 years and i have never seen this building dirty and i've never seen any bugs ever. It seems to me there might be in issue with a couple of apartments only or people are upset about something else.

This is an awful building. Bedbugs, serious cockroach infestation, disgusting. Don't move here!

This is the most dirty and smelling building in all of Toronto. The superintendent does jack shit.

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