796 Carlaw Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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June 2015

3rd floor infestation in one unit (confirmed) and adjoining tenants nor tenants through out bldg were not informed of this by management ( management knew of the issue. Kept it quiet from other tenants )

Only treated the one unit which means problem just moves on to other units throughout the building

I'm on this site because I'm looking for a new apartment as part of a personal life over-haul,and am so thankful that it exists because I know that it is saving me so much headache in the future. However, I wanted to say that I have lived in this building for 3.5 years and although for the first couple months there was a mouse problem, in the 3 years following that, I have hardly seen a bug or rodent since. There was a couple months where there were a few millipedes here and there however yet ag

ain, once management was notified, they were never seen again.

I'm not saying the building is perfect, it's an old one so its got its faults. However, I figure the building has treated me well for the past 3.5 years so I may as well return the favour and put some positivity on t his site.

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We moved into this affordable little place, and before long our walls were thick with mold. After spending several months sick from mold, and their refusal to do anything about it, we prepared to move. A week or so before our impending move, some weird bites appeared on my arm, and down my boyfriends neck. Bedbugs crossed my mind, but I didn't think too much of it since we weren't bitten again, and I was busy with the move.
Well it only takes one, so now our new apartment is infested, and I'm

just throwing money away trying to un-infest it. Luckily this new place is not an apartment complex, so we're a lot less likely to infest anyone else, or get re-infested (assuming we get un-infested).
But without a doubt this bugs followed us from 796 Carlaw...stay away!!! Stay far far away!!

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