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I am highly interested in this building and I see there hasn't been any reports since 2013. Definitely makes me feel good about the place but if someone could confirm for me that they are, and have been for a while, bed bug free, that would be greatly appreciated!

I am looking into a unit here. I see there is quite a history. Is there any active bedbugs now? I see the previous property management did a heat treatment, did that work? Is the new property management any good? I rather the property management not comment, lets hear from some tenants. This is after all a tenant driven website.
Thank you.

I am looking into a unit here. I see there is quite a history. Is there any active bedbugs now? I see the previous property management did a heat treatment, did that work? Is the new property management any good? I rather the property management not comment, lets hear from some tenants. This is after all a tenant driven website.
Thank you.

I am looking into a unit here. I see there is quite a history. Is there any active bedbugs now? I see the previous property management did a heat treatment, did that work? Is the new property management any good? I rather the property management not comment, lets hear from some tenants. This is after all a tenant driven website.
Thank you.

On behalf of the new landlord, Briarlane is interested in dedicated to addressing tenant's concerns promptly and ensuring our tenants live in a pest-free environment. If you have an issue in your unit, please contact your Superintendent or Property Manager right away.

Im wanting to move in here.. This thread has pretty much turbed me off. Has the situation improved at all?

May 7, 2012

Any one who claims that the building is free of bed bugs doesn't know what he or she is talking about. Heating or steaming a unit or using dogs cannot find the bugs in the walls or between the floors. The biggest problem occurs when bugs are found and adjacent units are not treated.
Note to supers and professionals: Bed bugs hide during non-feeding times and unless you have hundreds, you might not find them. I have had to deal with them twice before. Finding their entry poi

nt was difficult. Once this was done, an effective solution was possible.
We are not allowed to fumigate or agressively treat the problem (government regulations). Effective chemicals are banned. Put these facts together and you end up with a situation that can be controlled but not eliminated. Those are the facts! The old super who said that the problem was gone has provided misinformation about this problem and many others.
I know for a fact that several people have a bed bug problem now or just recently.
I hope that the new Management will take a logical approach to this problem. Otherwise, time to move.

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the buildings has indeed changed hands, it seems as though the old building managers did a very poor job telling the new managers about issues with the building. My lease and all subsequent documentation was not transferred - like my notice of vacation of my apartment and my final month's rent (which i now have to pay again, yay)

I live in a unit near the front of the building and never had a pest problem (lived here for almost 3 years). However, things that broke were never fixed, and thoug

h i alerted the old management company in writing (brackets for blinds was broken when i moved in, screens were broken and missing when i moved in, window glass is cracked from age etc..) the letters i sent to alert my super of these issues have now been lost and I am being held financially responsible for the repairs.

I am not at all impressed with how either management company has dealt with this situation. The apartment itself is very nice, but because of the treatment at the hands of management i would seriously caution anyone wishing to move it.

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In response to the below post: As I said, the building has changed companies from Signet Group to Briarlane. The previous Management Company was very accommodating in regard to pest control.

I don't believe for a second that the post below was written by the super who is essentially absentee. He has not been available to accommodate sprayings, no longer takes the trash out, and no longer does simple, day-to-day maintenance. I'm not even sure he's still employed by the new Property Mange

rs. If he is, the situation is worse than expected.

If you live here, whether you have signs of bed bugs or not, you should arrange for an inspection.

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As the Super, one of my duties is to report any pest activity to the Management Company as soon as I am told about it. I can safely say the Management Company has been very aggressive with pests and continues to be pro active about treating them. It is no secret that many buildings in Toronto are having the same problem due to a number of environmental factors. I would say it is comforting to know that I and the owners are putting a lot of time and effort into the building to keep it clean an

d free of pests. With the help of the tenants we can work together to rid the building of the pests. Please call me if you think you are experiencing any issue and we will take care of each tenant accordingly.
P.S. I have not been told about any change in the Management.

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I live in this building and have had bed bugs for quite some time. The property managers have been responsive in dealing with it, but only to a point. Due to the nature of the construction of the building and the fact that the problem is obviously not confined to my apartment, it's only a matter of time before they come back.

Above and beyond that, the word floating around is that the building is changing property management companies. As a result, the current property management company

is not really maintaining the building outside of things that they might be liable for. This is an unfortunate 'industry' situation.

I would highly recommend that you NOT move into this building. If you live here, I would say look into moving as soon as possible and try to determine whether or not your apartment has bed bugs. It's highly likely at this point that you do...

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Anonymous on 06/06/011 -

Yes, pest control was here earlier this year and so far, their efforts appear to have been effective. At this point, your biggest concern are the paper thin walls and a possible neighbour on the 3rd floor with zero respect or consideration for others when it comes to keeping his music down.

Current tenants, please confirm this pest control claim. I would like to move into this building but am worried about bed bugs and ruined furniture. Thanks!

I am writing on behalf of Magical Pest Control
to let the public know two K-9 Bedbug Inspections have taken place at the end of February 2011 throughout the building and on both occasions just a couple of units had slight signs of bedbug activity. On March, 1, 2011 the building was treated with Thermal Machines which is 100% accurate. This building is now fully cleared of bedbugs. Case Closed.

I moved in last April. I have never seen a bed bug, nor have i ever had a bite.

I thought the super was let go because he was too lax about the growing problem. When i had the problem briefly he came in himself and steamed my unit with some sort of home vacuum. He obviously didn't know what he was doing because i had them back in no time. Once we had the new super live-in i had a professional and the problem has not come back since.
The real problem is the city of Toronto. They have only allocated 5 million dollars to a problem that is much greater then a few bux a bui

Lets call our ward officer and demand more money to be invested in this problem.

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I used to live here. Moved out early last year after almost a year of dealing with bedbugs. Around that time the super who had been working there was let go when mgmt changed hands. He confided in me when I was moving out that the problem would never go away because the floors, ceilings and wood framed walls were full of them. I was sprayed about 4 times. It was awful and they always came back even though I lived out of plastic bags near the end, vacuumed and steamed all the time. Horrible.

The building was sprayed fully in the beginning of the summer. They then came back two or three weeks later for a followup spray. since then i have seen the spray guy a few times here and there. I think the managers started using Magical pest control wihich is said to be a better company than PPO. Im in the hospatality business so i know what going on in the city. Its a problem in most buildings in the city. I just want to find out if we can get some bedbug dog to come and see where they a

re coming from and bomb the heck of that apartment once and for all. Whoever you are this dog will sniff you our and kick you out!

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I'm the original poster who started this thread on 8/18/2008.

I wish, at the time, that someone had listed the issue on this site before I moved in, because I lost EVERYTHING.

I had to get rid of all my furniture because I was getting very bad allergic reactions to the bites and couldn't risk bringing them with me. A lot of the bites kept getting infected for some reason, even though I was careful not to scratch them, and I was on antibiotics numerous times.

I wonder if everyone coul

d threaten to move at the end of two months and see if they'll spray the entire building at least 3 times to get rid of the problem.

This is so bad. No one should have to live like this.

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Hi p.w. -

I can confirm that what the others are saying as true. If you have just moved in but have not seen any signs of the bugs yet, you may still want to take precautions such as keeping your mattress off the floor, reducing clutter, maybe laying down some DE around the baseboards, etc. I moved in last year and it took about a month and a half for the bugs to follow suit. As far as I know, the entire building has been sprayed just once but with no follow up which likely explains this late

st resurgence of the bugs.

-2nd floor.

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Hello, i just moved in, I have had no problems thus far but whats the deal with everyone talking about bedbugs, How many people have actually been effected by this? these posts sound bad but is it really that bad. To Anonymous on 12/08/2010, are you saying you currently live in the building and you currently have bedbugs? That must be really hard. Are you moving? or have you already moved but want to get a itchy point across?

I live at this address and the bugs are alive and well. My unit has been sprayed 3 times to no avail, everything washable taken in. I have seen them on multiple occasions including today. Although the superintendent gives the impression that he is working on resolving the issue, I had to call up the pest control company directly to find out the preparation checklist after the first few failed attempts. I wish they would do the whole building and get it done right.

Did they end up spraying the entire building at once, or are they still doing single units?

Not placing blame on anyone, but it is November 13th, 2010, and I just found a whole lot in my bed. I have been sprayed multiple times (hoping each time I had to move my stuff away from the walls that it would be the last time), and this is the last straw. I'm out.

In 2005 I had bedbugs when I lived here.
I have my stuff in storage since.
I only buy clothing I can wash in hot water and dry for at least 30 on high heat.

They are forever present in my mind still.

I am personally offended young man. I had a call from a friend who was interested in moving in to this building to be closer to me and you just pushed him right away. You are obviously a disgruntled tenant that has beef with someone. I have been in this building for years now. I will not deny it there was an issue but come on bedbugs are not dormant in winter time unless its extremely cold, look it up! I don’t know about you but its been a pretty warm winter. The problem has been fi

xed, a lot of money has been spent and a lot of follow-up has been done. It’s a great building let my friends be comfortable with their decision.

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This building is a total RIGHT OFF!! Almost half of the tenants left between November and January. Yes, it's a great building in a great location and the apartments are really cute but IT IS INFESTED!! There is a new Super, but I don't think he is even aware of the magnitude of the problem because he came into an almost vacant building and is now renting it all at once. As of Nov/Dec all but 10 (of 30) apartments had bedbugs. If you have to live there, make sure you are on the FIRST FLOOR ONL

Y. Also remember, that bedbugs are usually dormant during the winter months, so if they are this bad now, wait til spring/summer. I was on the second floor, I began getting bites on my legs that looked like rows of hives kind of and then turned purple - then I saw bugs. My place was sprayed 3 times, everything I owned was steamed...and they still kept coming back. I slept there a total of 10 nights and it cost me 2 months rent and half my possessions (which I threw out). Look at all the furniture left behind the building from angry tenants, everyday there's a new bed or futon!!! DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I a currently the new Superintedent @ this building and currently reside here as well. As to date, there are no new reported cases that have been foud to be legitamite. I have personally had some units sprayed by PCO for tenants that have thought they had them. We feel it is better to be safe than sorry when dealing with bed begs. I can rest asure anyone looking to rent in this building that it is cleaned daily and carpets vaccuumed on a regular basis. It is a safe environment for renting.

If anyone has any further questions regarding this buildig, please feel free to call and I would be happy to discuss this issue personally.

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Thanks for everyone’s posts I check this site regularly just to see that I’m not the only one with this problem. It is quite a shame really the building is amazing, such a great location and really great people. The good news is i heard from the grape vine (Mr. M). The new management is really pouring a lot of money into the spraying operation. I personally have not been bit in a while it must be working.

They're spraying all the apartments finally. It's a joke, though. The apartment next to mine is infested and now I have to pack up everything so they can spray. I want compensation!

I'm not surprised that this building is infested. I used to live there in 2004, and at that time, it was infested with carpenter ants - told the "superintendant" , but he did nothing. He was known to let himself illegally into people's apartments and would promise to fix things and not do the repairs. I eventually moved out. You can check with the Landlord Tenant Bureau and file and complaint. But I believe that the owner is a lawyer, who also seems to only care about getting rent. Good l

uck to all of you who are living there now.

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This is the second time that they've had to do a round of spraying in my unit. I KNOW they are not spraying the units around mine and I know they are also not telling my neighbours.

The landlord keeps telling me that it's because they're doing work in the other units and that is chasing out the bugs into neighbours - well then, shouldn't they spray everyone all at once? It's not a big building!

I asked if there was some sort of compensation I could recive - be released from my lease a mont

h early or money to replace the second bed and sofa I will have to throw away - and he said there was none. Now that there is a managment company, I will be going over his head to inquire with them.

Legally, do I have a right to request compensation or early release?

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I agree completely! They chase the problem instead of getting ahead of it. I've seen people with several infestations and no one in management admits it! Tell the truth and fix the problem. We are a clean building. It's not the tenants' fault! Kill them all at once and get a regular program going the same way buildings look after other pests. What do they want us to do...adopt them (bed bugs)?

I agree completely! They chase the problem instead of getting ahead of it. I've seen people with several infestations and no one in management admits it! Tell the truth and fix the problem. We are a clean building. It's not the tenants' fault! Kill them all at once and get a regular program going the same way buildings look after other pests. What do they want us to do...adopt them (bed bugs)?

They won't kill them in the walls. They keep coming back. They spray with no effect. A shame too. I have heard others had them too but didn't know how bad until now.

This is a only a three-floor building and there have been numerous bed bug infestations. The individual apartments are sprayed but not before all adjacent apartments are infected. The walls and ceilings are full of bed bugs and the landlords are fully aware of the problem. Entire floors need to be fumigated. Check the lint traps in the dryers - sometimes you even find dead ones!

Aug. \'09

This has been a long term problem with no large scale spraying efforts. It's always "no one else has complained". I had none for the winter and then they are back. If someone can afford a lawyer, find out how many times this place has been sprayed. The owners know they have been here for at least a year and will not solve the problem. Moving to another infested building will not help! These things can be eliminated by responsible owners.

May 21, 2009

Hi J,

I\'m sorry you\'re going through this also.

I am so furious at this guy for lying to me! I\'ve lost a lot of time and money because of this situation.

I have them too! He also told me no, that were no infestations when I asked. He sprayed my basement apartment for free last week. So far no reoccurance. Waiting for the second spraying.

FYI, this building is not infested with roaches or rodents, just tons of bedbugs.

Rented a bachelor, asked landlord prior to moving in if he had problems with pests, he said NO. A month later I discovered that the place was infested and my neighbors had been sprayed numerous times, to no avail.

Landlord is a liar. Be wary of this building.

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