75 Thorncliffe Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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At the beginning of 2012 my neighbour down the hall had bedbugs. The infestation was horrible. When I asked the management about it, they denied the apartment was infested, even though the tenants had to move out while they took care of the problem.

Don't move in here. It's full of roaches and mice. No matter how much you try to keep your apartment clean and free from them, the people around you don't care and the management company does nothing to fix the problem. Even if pest control c

omes into your apartment, they don't do enough to solve the problem, it's only a temporary fix.

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You will be shocked to see all roachers in this building. I only spent one night in my appartment and that was enough to make me move out!
Horrifying experience.
Never EVER Move to this area and this building.

I have just moved to one appartment in 75 Thorncliffe Park Drive, and believe and I haven't stayed more than a night. The building is infested with roachers. Management lied to me and haven't done the necessary to prevent it.

never move to 75 thorncliffe park drive...full of roaches and bed bugs.

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