75 Cosburn Ave
Toronto, ON M4K
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Dear Lived Here for blah blah years...

Who the hell cares? This website is crap. Anonymous user submitted non verified stories.

I'm sure you're a delightful person to live with and around.
Are you one of the pieces of garbage that has all the crap on the balcony that make the building look like the ghetto in NYC back in the 70s?
If so please get your crap of the balcony. Learn to cut back.
Throw out your old stuff you don't use.

and if you hate the building and the people and

the area so much, why the hell do you still live here?

Signed another tenant of 75 Cosburn.

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Dear Cosburn Tenant,

The odd roach is an issue. They don't live alone. As stated below we clean and bait on a consistent basis, however I can't clean the lobby and basement where they continue to live (not sprayed). Not only Have I reported them to the super (see "mgmt/super doesn't care), I have reported them to the health board for their lack of care. If being a dick means not being happy about living in a roach motel with slumlords, I will continue to be a dick. And as for people not using

it anymore I see about six new complaints this quarter. And YOU seem to use it. So why don't you grow up. Most likely your probably said mgmt hiding behind a fake account.

Enjoy the "occasional" roach...

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Haven't had bedbugs. Had the odd roach. More upsetting are the careless smokers whose cigarette butts keep setting fire to items on the balcony.

Maybe some people should take better care of their own places. Report if they have bedbugs or roaches to the Supers instead of being dicks about it and complaining on a website hardly anyone uses anymore.
Grow up people.

We have had bedbugs, mice, and roaches. We consistantly clean and bait our apartment. They sprayed for roaches a few months back one time. The entire building. No follow up spray and now they are back in full force.

Super does nothing, manager is useless. Elevators are broken every week. Even the repair guys say they are betond fixing. 2 days notice on parkade painting with no alternatives for parking. They got paint on cars and did nothing. From the super, "what do you want me to do?".


lad to be leaving, as this is the worst apartment i have ever been in. They dress it up nice for when new tenants come in and that's it, then your screwed.

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What are you talking about...living in this building for 5 years and have had no problems with the building or its staff. I keep my unit clean and i dont have any bug problems.

I have been living here for a year and have dealt with a serious roach infestation since day 1 and now I have bedbugs in my unit. I will be moving out ASAP. Save yourself the stress and take my advice. Steer clear!

Landlord, do something's to get rid of bedbugs! What a shame to have such a building full,of bedbugs! I am calling health department.

Bedbugs are a huge problem in the building. So much that people are moving out in dozens. Landlord does not care much. He is from Southeast Europe himself, so probably is not used to high standard of building maintenance. I do not recommend moving into this building. You will be disappointed just like I am. Superintendent does not care about bedbug problem, so does nothing. In addition to bedbugs, there is problem with cockroaches and mice. Some years ago, this used to be a decent building to li

ve in but now it is old, run down with dirty and smelly carpets. Elevators in the building are very old and laundry always has 3-4 broken washers and dryers.

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Maybe instead of complaining to the superintendent you should call the cops on the druggies instead. Let the Police do their job instead of someone that works hard to keep the building running as best it can be run with an absentee landlord. I've never seen her! Also you reap what you sow. Every building has drug users.
They migrate and so do the drug dealers.
Report it to people that can do something about it.

Now about the heat for the building... And the lack of it in mornings. Tha

t's more my concern. Too much at night and not enough in the day. Very strange boilers.

The main thing that annoys the tenants of this building are the ineffective and mostly broken down laundry room. Our rent is almost $1000 a month. A new washer and dryer only cost so much. Spend the money.

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I live at this address and i can tell you that cochroaches, mice, and bed bugs are the least of your problems if you move into this building. There is an infestation of human filth that do drugs, make drugs and there is nothing the superintendant will do about it and there is nothing YOU can do about it unless you take drugs yourself.

I have been living on 75 Cosburn Avenue for a couple of years. The building is infested with bedbugs, and that is no joke. There are problems with mice and cockroaches. Maintenance does nothing to solve the problem. I have seen mice myself. One of the residents got very scared. Please, think twice when making a decision to move into this building. My hope is that owners and management will do something to correct the situation. It is really becoming terriible.

I live in this building and have been here for 4 years and the reports on the infestation is true property management is horrible Kathy buccan only cares about the money and doesn't care about the tennents there are mice cockroaches and other bugs in this building this place is turning into a regent park tenement they don't do repairs in a timely manner if I had the choice again I would never have moved in to this building living in city dump is about equal to living here if your thinking of mov

ing here think again your just wasting your $ because u will be moving out soon

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Time to buy new beds. Keep seeing more and more work coming for waste management workers.

I lived in that building. I moved out 4 years ago and prior to moving out, I had issues with bedbugs, cockroaches and mice in my apartment. The Super might be better now, I don't know. But when I was living there the Super didn't care about the buidling/tenants and the property management was absolutely horrible. Don't kid yourself, this building, like many along Cosburn has had issues with cockroaches, bedbugs and mice.

i lived here for a year and a half, no bed bugs but a few roaches and alot of mice. when i told the super about all the mice, there solution was to give me some glue traps. after catching about a dozen of them i moved out

Wow, you guys must be kidding me. This is the most well kept apartment complex in the entire area. The other buildings on Cosburn are disgusting. This building is amazing. People write the craziest things.

I have been living at this location for approximately 15 years. I have never had a problem with any infestions. I have read the various posting and am apauld that people would right such nonsense. The building is extremely clean and the management company is extremely nice and helpful. I have never had a problem with anyone or anything at this building. Do not believe everything that you read, drop by the building and see. I am disgusted with this nonsense written in this registry.

I am the superintendent of 75 Cosburn. I have been doing this for six months and I can guarantee you that all the terrible things written here are not true. I maintain my building clean, I attend to all tenant complaints, and when someone has had a problem with bed bugs, I have called management to let them know and they have contacts with exterminators. Every month, Pest Control comes here to exterminate the building. Therefore there are no cockroaches or rats/mice as claimed here. I keep m

y building clean and my main priority is my tenants. To listen to their comments and complaints. I love my job. I have been in the cleaning industry for over 10 years. Anyone is more than welcome to drop by at any time to check out the building. Thank you.

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Are you guys sure? The building looks fine to me.

I live at this address. I haven't had any problems...yet... I really hope the landlord invest some money and solve this problem before it gets out of hand, and before the bugs take over the whole building, it would be a shame, this is such a nice place to live. PS I have noticed a lot of beds again in the garbage lately, now I know why!!

Walking through the building 5th floor, see a lot of bed bugs crawling, one of my friends relatives live in the building and they said they told the landlord and nothing has been done thus far.

Just moved in and planning to get out as soon as posible as some new tenants have done or already done. M y floor has six su ites out of 10 infested
with bad bugs and mice and cockroaches are crawling out the garbage shutes each time my family members use it, a week after occupancy. They can also be seen in other building common areas.

we had bed bugs too for 4 months had too call pest control at own expeence a milon of cocroches and couple of mouses too

I have been infested with bed bugs since Aug./09.
I'm moving out!!!!!!!!!!

Watch out for this building

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