70 Cambridge Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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I'm thinking of moving into this building... are there still bed bugs or has the issue been resolved?

My experience with management has been that they do not tell the full truth. The situation has spread because of this attitude in my opinion. When the problem started in 50 on the 10th floor, I asked management if they would send out and post flyers for everyone educating them on what not to bring into the building etc. They clearly were not going to do this. Now they have to pay for many spraying treatments instead.

What's most unfortunate is the good paying tenants who have to get bitten

, stressed and lose money that they will not get back from this company.

Westdale Properties needs to clean up their act or they will lose a reputation that has taken them a long time to build. Hopefully they are doing the right thing now?

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I live in 70 Cambridge and was inspected for bed bugs. Very thorough inspection I might add. I was made aware that three units on my floor were infested. Then I received a notice saying that we were having a preventitive spray done because someone connected to our unit had them (beside, above or below). I found one bed bug in the bathroom that same day and had them upgrade me to a full spray. They didnt hesitate to upgrade me and followed up with me to see if I needed a secondary spray. I have b

een very anal about cleaning baseboards and vaccuuming my mattress. I feel fortunate that I do not have an infestation but also very happy that the management office has taken the initiative to help stop the infestation from spreading. I feel bad for them, they must get harassed daily. Thankfully I rent and do not have to pay to have my own treatments.
I think the problem lies with those who do not listen to instructions (drying clothes etc) causing them to spread, and the fact that we have communal washing machines.

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on august 8th, I went into the rental office and I overheard a woman going (rightfully) ballistic about bed bugs in her apartment. I asked the girl at the desk if we had a bed bug problem, and she said that they were CONTAINED, and not to worry about it.

I've been covered in bites for a week now. Yesterday we found a dead bed bug lying on our top sheet.

My head is swollen in bites, and it looks like I'm very allergic.

I'm going to complain to the health department.

I've been living in #70 since April 2009. I love the building and the people. In March 2010 I found bed bugs. I'm not allergic so I didn't have bite marks but I found the critters none the less. I had my apartment sprayed and thoroughly cleaned. In May I found evidence of more bugs (didn't see the actual bugs this time but I founds skins). I had the apartment sprayed again as well as had the baseboards steamed at my own expense. A little over a week ago management JUST got around to sharing the

information that both #70 and #50 were infested and being treatet case by case. Today I found a bed bug out in the open, happy as you please on my puppy's chew toy. Needless to say, I'm an unhappy woman.

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I have found out that a couple of months ago a couple of tennants have had their apartments sprayed for bed bugs and now I am getting checked out as for about a week starting July 19 I have had bites on my arms and neck. There also have been numerous pieces of furniture being thrown out.

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