655 Broadview Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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Hi.. I'm supposed to move in (16th floor) soon and am pretty nervous due to the recent posts. Anyone have updates on the bedbug situation?

I live on the 14th floor. On Feb 8 I received a notice from the building that there is evidence of bedbugs in my area. This week they will be treating my unit as a preventative measure. I have been checking rather obsessively and don't see any bed bugs and have no bites. I am happy they are trying to prevent the spread.

was told by management it was from the 15th floor

Just walked outside by the dumpsters for this building and a bunch of furniture has been thrown out with "Bed Bugs" written on each piece of furniture. Don't know which apartment it's from.

I've lived in this building for 5 years and have never had a problem. spiders yes, and moths for some reason??? but no bed bugs!

I used to live in this building from 2005-2008 and had never experienced a problem.

Hi! I am supposed to move into this building in April. Has anyone had any recent encounters with bed bugs?? Please don't censor!!

I am planning on moving in this building
has anyone lately encountered problems with

I live half way up this building, have since 2005. No problems with bed bugs and have not heard anyone mention it.

I'm looking at this apt to move into, is the bedbug issue for real?? And y isn't the management doing anything about it???

I live on one of the higher floors on 655 Broadview and have been bitten a few times. The bites are clearly from bedbugs - the usual three red lumps under the arms.

I'm disappointed because there has been no communication from the building managers regarding the infestation in this building, they are trying to keep a lid on things.

Had been getting hive like bumps on my arms in early november, and thought it was an allergic reaction. On November 22, my partner started getting the same type of bumps (bites) on her arms as well. We notified the supers immediately, and they were really great about it. we received trays with powder in them to catch any bed bugs that might try to climb on the bed. We asked to be sprayed as soon as possible, and this was accommodated for us (sprayed on november 25 2010). we are getting spra

yed again on dec 8, but so far we have not had any new bites. please notify the supers if you have any symptoms of bed bugs, they will help you, and it will help the rest of us if everyone deals with this properly.

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What kind of progress has there been on this?

Itchiness started 10/13/2010

- Reported the day after.
- Bites had bed bug pattern, bites in straight lines 3-4. Very itchy and inflamed.
- Was given a bedbug interceptors to be place on bed legs, dresser and sofa (bowl like traps with talc powder)
- 10/17/2010 dead bedbug found on one bed legging trap.
- Vacuumed bedroom. Dusted with diatomaceous earth as a precaution.
- Reported a few days after.
- Trouble sleeping, walking up early mornings
- A few mornings caught two nymphs around

beds, woke up turned lights on and lifted blankets and saw moving nymph bed bugs.
- Scheduled pest control 11/10/2010, 2nd treatment two weeks after.

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There are bedbugs in this building. I think they are coming in from under the baseboards. I am currently in the process of getting sprayed. Why haven’t the supers notified anyone?

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