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Toronto, ON M4K

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Any update for this building?

I would not recommend people to move to this building. Before I moved in, I asked the super if he would do some cleaning and he said yes, so I moved in. But once I moved in, he delayed the cleaning for a few months. I asked again a few months later and he didn't clean the place. Only when I called head office, complained, told them the story, told them I would call the government and complain did the cleaning get done. My neighbour also had a problem with him too about empty promises.

As for

bedbugs, I don't have them in my unit and I hope it stays that way. But in the past month, I have seen cockroaches in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. I don't know why they just started coming to my unit, but it's annoying to wonder if you're going to see a cockroach here or there and if they're going to come back even if you use sprays.

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I know someone who lives here and was not too happy to hear this news. Please to those who live here folow the Gov guidelines on what to do!


I am an ex tenant at 55 Cosburn ..
Let alone rent from these inexperienced supers
The apartments are great in size but the cost
Of living there is horrid
The rent is high and your infested by unwanted
Bugs of assortment
And you will be promised a clean and livable
Unit ... That's until they have your deposit
Then they have to interest in making you
Happy because they rented another unit in the cockroach bed bug Inn ...
Living in a hostel is b

etter then the treatment you
Recieve at Enderby
So again enter these premises at your own
Risk !!! You have been warned :@

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I am supposed to move in next Saturday(on 3rd floor) and read the comments below. Did the fumigation ever happen as they promised? Have you had problems recently?
When I checked the apartment it looked okay, could not see anything that could hint those types of issues, they even had the cupboards in the kitchen replaced. Wondering if I should start looking for another place now, even though it's a waste of time and money obviously.
Thanks for your help in advance!

I live on the 11th floor for the past 3 years. we have never had an issue with bed bugs. We have had 2 incidences with cockroaches but when I approached the super they gave me some stuff to treat my apartment for the short term, as they had a fumigation company coming in 3 weeks.
All in all, i've been happy with my apartment, i know the lower floors (below the 6th floor) have had ongoing problems with all kinds of bugs. the problem is people who take furniture from outside. The east end is inf

ested, if you see a nice couch thrown out for garbage there is usually a reason!
Anyway, thats my 2 cents. Oh, i also have cats and a dog so that may keep the nasty things at bay. I have not seen anything in over 6 months. (and i've never had bed bugs, never.)

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Hi! I'm thinking of moving into 55 Cosburn but I have a young daughter and can't deal with bedbugs. Are upper floors bed-bug free? Thanks in advance.

Moving out ASAP! The entire building needs to be fumigated multiple times or better, torn down. These are not suitable living conditions, bugs everywhere. People please listen, sure rent is cheap and units are pretty big but honestly NOT WORTH IT! You will regret it from the moment you get here. and not only are the units infested, but trying to tell that to the supers or even management at enderby and they will insist there isn't a problem. Really enderby? When was the last time any of you step

ped foot in this building let alone spent an evening? I dare you to do this and tell me "there isn't a bug problem"

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I went to see an apartment at this building, and specifically asked if there had ever been a bug problem in the building, and was told that there was no problems and any incidents are taken care of. After seeing this posting, I had apprehensions and called the super to ask again if there were problems and he reassured us not to believe everything we read. The day I was supposed to move in, I walked into the apartment and saw bugs EVERYWHERE. Live bugs, dead bugs, cockroaches, bedbugs, and others

I couldn't identify. Needless to say I did NOT move my things in there. I took pictures, and samples of dead bugs and presented them to the super who (seemingly nonchalantly) said no, there were not bugs everywhere. He also tried to deny that a) he ever told us there weren't bugs, and b) there even was a problem, despite the fact there was a notice slipped under the door that they would be treating the entire building. We were also told that if we were refusing the unit we would not receive our deposit of over $1000 back, and we'd have to take it up with the building management, Enderby Property Management. They are, of course, dodging our calls. So it seems as if they are looking to treat the problem, but also lying about it to potential renters. We'll see if we ever get our money back.

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I was supposed to move into an apartment here and from the minute I walked in it was crawling with bugs. HUGE infestation of roaches and bed bugs!!

I am a former tentant of 55 Cosburn Ave, I had to move because of the condition of this building .. My apartment was infested with BEDBUGS as well as ROACHES !! It was nerve racking not be able to sleep being biten alive ... The case in my apt was so bad that if you were to turn the lights out and stepped on the floor you could hear them cracking from stepping on them Nasty I know... That's why I left !!
But I am guessing when the supers can't keep the building clean how can they control the b

ugs from the dirt .... Head office should really take a look at the supers have a meeting and explain their job to them they do not get paid to sit in the office smoking with kids dog cats all running around and the supers in the hallways drunk yelling with their many children ... This building is out of control and needs to be looked after before it becomes an empty building

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this is to all the teant at 55 cosburn i have been living here for along time an seen superintendents come an go but i will tell you there is not a building on cosburn ave that hasnt had a problem with some sort of bug problems an as for the super that was here in 99 to 2001 i seen you in acting wjtch amoumted to nothing since you were on workmen comp for the three years you there in the last four years tenants have seen a big change at cosburn we have seen better tenants moving in the building

is the cleanes that we have seen in years an i did have a bug problem an it wae dealt with very quickly its easy for people place the blame

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I was Superintendent at 55 Cosburn back in 99 till 2001. There were no bedbugs or any bugs what so ever!! If ever suspected there were bugs property management was on it right away.

I do believe we had done our part as Supers and kept the building in tip top shape and definitely did not smoke in the office(which I do miss dearly,the office that is)
Due to an unfortunate illness of my partner we were let go and since then I have heard so many bad things about the building.

People have to u

nderstand when you all live together in a building you have to respect everyone and try to keep the main areas clean.It's not the super making it dirty!

I have seen the super in action while visiting friends at 55 and I understand where some of the bad comments are coming from. However if the head office is not aware of this how can they fix it!?

Sometimes its easier to point the finger at the Superintendent as well. Everyone needs to help out and they need the respect of the Super and the Super has to give it in return.
I respected everyone in 157 units there and still remember them by name and when I see them on the street they go out of their way to say hi with a hug!
If you dont report them they cant get rid of them!

Good Luck Lenny&Gil :)

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I've been living at this building since nov 2008 on the 4th floor and been having problems with bed bugs and little ants. Also, have even seen cockroaches roaming the hallways on numerous occasions. I've been awaken by my downstairs neighbour throwing furniture of his balcony (3rd floor) and see different couches outside the apartments every week. Unrelated.. they shut off water every other week in the mornings and only give notice the night before. The rent is reasonable but it's not worth the

nightmare. We are moving out at the end of the month.

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I have been living here since Feb/2008 on the 11th floor and haven't had any bedbug problem in my unit however i am not aware if any other tenants in this building have. this building has many other issues, Cockroaches and little ants, i have seen a few of them in my unit and ass soon as i noticed it i spoke to superintended and he provided me with some stuff and said he would get the pet guy come and check the place. Saw a few of them walking on the ceiling on my way to work this morning,Sept

16/09 I keep my place very clean including the kitchen area. but every now and then i'll see a cockroach running around and all i do just kill them. they come and go. the building is very poorly managed and not well maintained. Super doesn't seem to give a damn about anything whatsoever ( i found him smoking in the rental office numerous times and would not care if anyone walks in). he is just a guy who cares about his pay cheque. Finally decided to move out, the rent is cheap but not worth the hassle , AVOID THIS BUILDING if possible. The super himself doesn't recommend this place to people he knows, I've heard him talking to someone i swear,...hope this helps the newcomers...like i said the rent is cheap compared to some other buildings in the area but there is a reason why it is cheap!!! you guess why


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when it comes to 55 cosburn im not surprise with bed bugs and problems in that building cause the property manager is so cheap its by far not the owner fault cause im sure he doesnt know what goes on in that building

I lived at 55 Cosburn Avenue, from Sept 2006 to June 2008. In the first year or so, even though I had never has experienced bedbugs, I had been told my many people that lived there that they had experienced bed bugs in their apartments, but nothing was ever done, and the management still continued to rent out apartments. Shortly after February 2008 my boyfriend started to notice bites on his body and we couldnt understand what it was, shortly after that I started to notice bites on my body and c

omplained to the super. They booked for my apartment to be sprayed that weekend and gave me some heavy duty spray for the meantime, which made me happy that something was being done. They also told me to wash everything I owned, I spent $150.00 that weekend, washing all my clothes, bedding, carpets, curtains, blankets, and throwing out a lot of stuff as well. My boyfriend and I scrubbed our place from morning to night saturday and sunday, making sure that it would be as clean as possible for when they came to spray the apartment. Mind you it was February/March, all of our stuff had to be put in garbabe bags and left out on our balcony until it was safe to be brought back in, which most of it had to be thawed out. A few days after they came and sprayed our apartment, I noticed a bite, after all of the work and stress that I had put up with, still trying to maintain my fulltime job, I was furious! I went down to talk to management and they more or less made me feel like it had to be 'my fault' that someone that 'I had let in' to my place must of brought them in. Im sorry, but when you have bed bugs.... you are TO EMBARRESED to have anyone at your place!!!! So, I had no choice but to start looking for another apartment, NEVER TO LIVE IN A BUILDING AGAIN.. as I know they can start and survive anywhere... these crappy ass, never friendly management runned buildings are way more susceptible to having them and no one gives a damn to help you out. I finally did find a place to live, and had to throw out 85% of my stuff with hopes that the bedbugs were not coming for the ride. Once moved into my new place, I felt a sense of peace, I could sleep at night, I didnt have to check my body every morning to see how many more bites I had, but in the back of my head for the first 3/4 months, I was still worried that they maybe there, which clearly now is not the case. My heart goes out to anyone that has experienced or is experiencing this on any type of level. It is one of the most physical and mentail episodes I have had to go thru. People do not understand what this can do to someone, I almost lost my relationship with my boyfriend, completely stressed out all the time, never fully relaxed or comfortable in your OWN SPACE!!! Its exhausting, and no one should have to go through this, please stay away from this building.

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