26 Riverdale Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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This 'inn' is a scam. The owner/landlord has a great sales personality and nothing is too much trouble... until she has your money. Then, any agreement or responsibility on her part is null and void. She does not maintain the place and goes out of her way to avoid her tenants and their concerns. Hot water and internet cut-offs are common. Any promises she makes to resolve disputes or problems at the property are worthless. She targets travelers who are new to Toronto and don't know the market, c

harging rates that would be well above value even for a property in good condition. There are many good landlords renting rooms in Riverdale. Stay far, far away from this one.

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The owner of this run down, broken house is not a land lady as she runs her houses as inns for tax purposes therefore making her an innkeeper. She is not only a bad inn keeper who is unable to pay bills on time(during 4 mo stay hot water shut off once and internet shut down twice) and unable to fix leaking celings (at least 12 different leak spots with a mold problem that is out of control)or live up to anything she promises but she is in my opinion a cheat and a liar of a staggering degree. To

her credit i did not experience bed bugs in my short time there but a squirrel infestation occurred. I have plenty of audio and video proof if defamation of character is cried after i post this and i will be more than happy to post them on Youtube if i see that. The sad part is she is unable to keep up any standards internal or external even with the thousands of dollars she's cheated from people but i guess that's karma for you. You were just what i needed inkeeper but for those who dont need such heartache BEWARE!

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The bed bugs arnt the worst problem, the landlord
Does not take care of the place and she is a very bad landlord.
Bed bugs r still there

I live in the house, and no such animal exists,this is just slander and libel...oh and defamation of character..DO NOT BELIEVE THIS...

Spoke to a fellow tenant around May 22/12 and she said that she reported finding bed bug to the innkeeper. This was confirmed by someone else. I don't know if an exterminator was called. I am also a tenant and I wasn't informed of the occurence by the innkeeper. On May 30/12 I texted the innkeeper and asked what she was doing about the bed bugs. She texted back saying that the tenant said they were gone "and the exterminator said 2 weeks to kill. Tell me more?" I replied that "bed bugs don't

go away." On May 31/12 she texted that she has answers from the exterminator.

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