20 Gamble Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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Any recent reports for this building either cockroaches or bed bugs? Interested in moving into the building but would like to know current shape of building. Thanks

If it is a rental accommodation, it is the landlord's responsibility to treat (at no cost to the tenant) to get rid of the bedbugs. It is the tenant's responsibility to cooperate with the treatment protocol.

If your landlord won't take action - put your complaint in writing to them and keep a copy. Call Public Health. Make an application to the Rental Housing Tribunal that your landlord isn't fulfilling their maintenance duties. As for a rent rebate.

I am not a lawyer.

I am covered in bed bug bites! I've been living here for more than 5 years & this is the first time I've experienced bed bugs. I believe they arrived this past spring or summer. I also haven't travelled anywhere, so some new resident must have brought them here. Don't know what to do.

During July - Sept I have been bitten by bed bugs. My super will not do anything claiming it is my responsibility. I have not travelled anywhere so how could I have gotten these bites?

No nearby bug reports