20 Cosburn Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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2007-2009 There may be bedbugs by now, as they are all over East York and surrounding apartments...but there was DEFINITELY an infestation of Silverfish and moths...and the HUM of the electricity is beyond nerve-wracking (you will hear it when you try to sleep)...not to mention the sound of the water-pipes all winter long....you will NOT have peace and quiet...it is not a soft sound either. When I thought it was just on the parking lot side by the street lights, I mentioned this to not just the

super (who is too busy getting stoned and selling weed to actually care about the building) they let me move across the hall only to discover the sound was even louder, and silverfish running all over the place. The 'super' loves to yell and swear at the tenants if they have complaints, takes his big pitbull out without a muzzle or a leash and lets it shit in front of your window, and then leaves it there!! He's a pig, the building is old and loud, the ceilings leak and you will have plaster falling, the floor peaks up in the winter due to bad repairs or moisture from the ceiling leaking, and you will have a lovely hole to stair at until Spring, where Rob will finally come to repair it, only to have it fall down again once the winter hits! Valuable mail was also stolen from my mailbox..the mail carrier claims she left it in my mailbox...the landlord has the only other key....not sure who is telling the truth there...but I will never see my parents wedding rings again :(

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