2 Gamble Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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I moved into an apartment in the low rise building of 2 Gamble avenue, its right on the corner of Broadview and Gamble on the north side.
I moved in October 1st and moved out December 1st 2008. The building looks very cute but is wall to wall carpet in the apartments and hallways.
When I moved in the landlord, Socrates, said there were no insect or any kind of infestations, I made a point to ask him specifically even though the place looked spotless!
The place had a strange odour which I cam

e to learn was the smell of the spray they use against bed bugs. I started getting bit about the third week that I lived in the apartment. I never had beg bugs before and did not know what was going on until I ran into the women that had rented the apartment immediatly before I did. She told me that the apartment had bed bugs.
I told the landlord about the problem and he claimed that it was my fault. That I had brought them in. This cannot be true obviously.
Either way he was not prepared to do anything but have the apartment sprayed again. The spray does nothing to get ride of them, it only scares them for a few weeks. Its smells horrible and does nothing, really, so never hire someone to do it!
Spraying is worse then pointless.
He agreed to let me move out right away and refunded my deposit because I had already paid for November. He did threaten not to refund the money at one point though.
I told him that when I moved out that he needed to ripe up the floors and seal all cracks, that the problem would not be fixed through spraying. He told me he would not be doing more then spraying and maybe not even that.
I know he continued to rent out the apartment knowing it had bed bugs.
I mananged to tell all potential renters that came by before I moved but I'm guessing he found someone after I left.
It was one of the worst experiences of my life.
This is why I could not write to this until now almost two years later.
Please, this landlord is the example of a sneaky, selfish landlord. He knew before he rented it to me that it had bed bugs! He denied having any and blamed me!
Please, stay away from 2 Gamble Avenue.
Thank you bed bug registry for helping to prevent the spread of bed bugs and saving lives in the process!!!!

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