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We have bedbugs in our apartment, the third (top) floor, above a butcher shop. The infestation is bad enough that the bugs were visible on the piping of the mattress in all life stages (egg/nymph/adult). I told the land lord that I had the bugs taped to an index card for her to take to a PCO company. Our land lord, Demitra Grekos (also known as Toula) gave us an aerosol spray can of contact killer and told me to buy a nylon bed cover. She had bed bugs before and apparently it worked for her. Aft

er spraying the bed, they were still coming out. I went to a PCO owned pest control store and they gave me a residual pesticide and a powder derived from chrysanthemums. They said to prevent them from coming back in, I should dust behind the walls too. I phoned Toula to ask if I could drill (and fill in after) holes above the baseboards to puff the powder in, and she got angry with me and told me the spray was enough. I just need to find their nest. Seriously?!? I just spent my money on something that is her legal responsibility and She is the one upset? What can I expect when the roof has been leaking into the apartment for 6 months without repair.

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