100 Gowan Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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I have found bed bugs in my unit in this building but only in the one bedroom. there was only a few, i killed the ones i saw and searched the rest of the appartment top to bottom but found nothing, i isolated the bed room and sprayed everything for a week straight and not seen any since. I have noticed alot of couches have been tossed out lately. June 22 2011

There is a bedbug issue in my apt at this building. It seems that it is not an internal issue to the building. I have reported the issue to the management. They will come to fix the issue. I noticed some dust like and very small bugs on my bed frame's headboard. I thought it is some flies or harmless bugs. I tried to wipe them out with some cloth and alcohol. They started to reappear and bit me. That is when I researched on the net and freaked out to find it is bedbugs. I used some transparent

scotch tape to take some samples and brought to Home Hardware store to confirm this. They informed me that it is the bedbugs and I have informed the building management to look into the matter asap. I hope they disappear from my unit.

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