100 Gamble Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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25 Aug 2015

Apartment is full of bedbugs and cockroach.
We got new bed and furniture.
But everything is ruined by bedbugs and got skin problems too.
As we complained the supervisor, he did fumigation
but again it came in 3 months.
I get this complaints from most of the neighbors here.
Please do not come here.

I have lived in this apt for over 3 years now and am glad to say I am moving out shortly.

This bldg is filthy and is crawling with bugs (roaches and bedbugs) and other vermin.

The balconies were repaired over a year ago but yet the interiors are falling apart. Elevators break down frequently despite repairs that inconvenienced tenants for months. Alarms go off at night with disturbing regularity. Leaking risers. Many noisy, arrogant tenants inhabit this bldg. Need I say more? My opi

nion: STAY AWAY and DO NOT rent here. This building is a slum and is no place for any self-respecting individual to live.


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I've lived in this building for about 20 MOTHS now. It has gotten worse and worse. The building is full of bedbugs and Roch. The Managment is very bossy and unprofessional. I am glad that we are moving out from December 1st 2014. The only reason I like it here is "close to my work place".

Glad I'll be gone soon!!

I've lived in this building for about 3-4 years now. It has gotten worse and worse. While I haven't found bedbugs myself, I'm not surprised.

At least one washing machine at any given time is out, the elevators don't synch properly and often break down. Power failures are constant (although short) and the fire alarm goes off at night once a month at least. The lobby and elevators are constantly filthy.

There has been at least one break in over the last few months. You see police cars/am

bulances parked out front frequently.

I'm sure in the hands of the right owner this building could be good again, but I can't see that happening anytime soon.

Glad I'll be gone soon!!

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I lived in this building on the 4th floor my experience happened in 2008. I just had a baby and I had 4 other children. These bedbugs ruined my life. I slept with my baby on my chest in a chair for months. I slept on the hardwood floor with some comforters for over a year. I got rid of everything. The first time I got the place sprayed they came back. I even found them in my baby's basinette. I did everything properly in order to get my place ready for pest control. They came back. The second ti

me the place was sprayed I didn't seem to have them again but I moved. I bought all new furniture and beds. The building manager is a complete jerk. He puts all the blame on the tenants. I hate him with a passion. His name is Chris Saunders.

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Moved in recentrly in this building and i found bedbugs in my couch. I am moving out and lost everything. Unit 812. Beware!!!

I must admit I have lived at alot of apartments in Toronto and this has been the worst. It is infested with Bedbugs. I have had my unit sprayed 7 times in the past 5 months. I had to throw out my mattress, couches and all of my cloths. This whole building is infested. We tried everything to cover up any holes in the walls and under the doors. They just keep coming back. The building management does nothing at all to help. They only care about making money and watching this 3rd world bud take ove

r there building. Needless to say I lost of $20,000 in furniture and cloths. I moved out and counted my loses. I would suggest never to move into this building. EVER!!!!!

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