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The staff at Bain are aware of the few units that have bedbugs. They are using the cook em at 140 degrees for a day method to kill them and it works as long as the tenant cooperates and does their laundry properly. The staff always do a follow up and will do it as many times as it takes. We found most of the problems were from the few units that were/are packratsz. They would never rent a unit that was infested and to our knowledge they are currently all gone.

Have lived here for years. Read about bedbugs in flyers, but have seen and been affected by absolutely nothing.

No problem.

December 2, 2011
So much drama!!!The bain co-op is a beautiful place to live. I have been here for twenty years. I happen to live in the north maples.
have never had bed bugs.
They come and go...just like cockroaches and mice.
I imagine the horror of having bed bugs. I too am nervous about it and do what i can to keep them away. Our staff does a great job of getting rid of them asap. If a member does their part...its fast. I hope people are responisble in what they say about the bain

co-op. It is a wonderful community. thats why we are all still here. I read thru some of the above notes and obviously the mentioned units are no longer infected.

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Bain Co-op is a lovely place to live - - in a lovely neighbourhood. Best of luck with this difficult battle!

Hi Everyone,

I am so thankful I checked this site. I was intrested in this co op. I want to move from my current address as I have suffered through two infestations of bed bugs. I have (pray to God) been clear for about 6 months. I cant afford to endure another infestation either financially or mentally.

It has been the worst experience of my life. I am still nervous togo to sleep at night.

I wont be moving into Bain Co op any time soon.

Thanks and good luck.

Hello, bed bugs continue to be a major problem at the Bain with little hope for any resolution. bedbugs have been found in almost all courtyards with recent infestations occurring in the west side of the North Lindens. Because of the nature of the buildings, and the almost impossible necessity of all tenants working towards a solution at the same time, I am pessimistic about the ability of the Bain to ever eradicate the problem. Despite the best intentions of the management.

In response to

"anonymous too" - I am familiar with the case you are referring to and might I respectfully suggest that you are not in possession of all the facts of that case, particularly surrounding the origin and spread of the infestation.

Anyone contemplating moving in here should do their homework first.

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The North Maples has an infestation - it started in the summer and is continuing into the new year. If they are not gone with this round of spraying I will be moving. Be aware of these issues if you are planning on moving into the Co-op.

The management of the Co-op still takes the problem very seriously and does all it can to help members, including regular forums for education, support and prevention.Bain is not responsible for the bedbugs. It is a worldwide issue.
I noted that the bedbugs appeared in "anonymous'" unit after he came back from NYC.The neighbour has been accused of bringing in bedbugs, yet somehow they waited until he came back from NYC to infest the unit. Also, no one underwent a forced inspection. So

me members did use alternative prevention methods and have not encountered bedbugs so far.
Meanwhile, the apartment has been rented and the new occupant is aware of the problems and the Co-op's efforts to control these pests.

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I submitted the last two posts and as time goes on we learn more and more about what has happened. Turns out yet another unit had bedbugs prior to our discovery of them in our unit and opted to use natural treatment - no pesticides. Then the unit beside us moved them in from a previous residence and months later we discovered them in our unit. Now after almost 5 months in plastic and 5 coats of poison another unit beside us has discovered them and been treated. I am fairly certain they are in th

e whole block of North Lindens East side, but Co-op will not force everyone to be treated simultaneously. We are moving out as it seems to be the only option and I would caution anyone thinking of moving into the N. Lindens (either side). This has been terrible to live with and there is no end in site (3 units refuse to be sprayed and the co-op has thus allowed them this option).

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The East block of the North Lindens is infested because one tenant moved them in from a previous residence without disclosing and then somehow "failed to notice them" for 8 months until a forced inspection 2 months after they had spread to our unit. Now after 3 months of treatment, problem still exists and is spreading. Moving out ASAP.

We just discovered bed bugs last week in our unit in the Bain Co-op. They have been a problem in other parts of the co-op for some time, but not in our courtyard. We think we maybe picked them up in NYC at a hotel, which would be the best case scenario cause it means the problem is quite small thus far. But they also may have travelled from another unit, which is what we fear, cause then the problem is much bigger. Not everyone reacts to the bites, which makes me think that some people may hav

e them but not know. The management at the co-op takes the problem very seriously and gets right on it, so that is good. We will see what happens. We are in between sprayings right now and living from the bags. If they return I definitely want to move. It is way too much work to do this prep over and over again.

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