937 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON M4J
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Bedbug problem was resolved before we left (April 2009) after numerous sprayings.

Bedbug problem was resolved before we left (April 2009) after numerous sprayings.

No bedbugs found in the apartment during our stay: April 2009 - July 2011.

If the original poster could please contact me - [email protected] - I would really appreciate it. I am one of the two students who now lives at 937 Danforth Ave., Apartment #1 and my roommate has found the bugs again.

I moved into my apartment at 937 danfroth ave # 1, close to one year ago today. i had no idea bed bugs even exsisted, always thought of it as an old wives tale. was i ever wrong. about 4 months into my sty, one late fridat night, i awoke to find a small bug scruying across my pillow. i didnt think anything of it untill more started to appear in the day light. followed by the uncontrolible itch and rash that followed. after about three weeks of this i decided to do my reseach and turns out my bed

and room mates bed were infested. my land loard did next to nothing to solve this proplem, and put the blame on us. we then took a cheap alternitive to do it ourselves. we replaced both beds and gutted the place for a week and went ahead and bleached and sprayed. it lasted all of one month before they were back. so here i was stuck in this lease i couldnt get out of becasue according to my land loard it was \"my problem\" even tho i had jus purchesed two new beds. so again we tried to exterminate and this time it only lasted days before they were back full force. i finally told the land loard i couldnt live in these conditions and needed out. only when he stummbled upon the problem himself in the hallway of the apartment (in the light fixture) did he decide to get a second oppinion, which revelived it was a MAJOR proplem that had been there for some time and was not brought in the the renters. so here i am 2 months from my lease being up and it has been terminated. (thank god). my only concern is he is renting again to students who have no idea of this problem. he says he is hiring an exterminator but i wouldnt put it passed him to let the problem go. looking back on viewing the apartment days before i was moving in, i really wished i had noticed the mattresses, blankes, pillows, and clothing that was all being left behind for the trash. thinking back, if i had been educated i would have never moved in. none the less, i am out in 3 weeks and i have to go through everything i own with a fine tooth comb to make sure nothing comes with me. wish me luck!!
---cant wait to get out!!

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