824 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON M4J

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In May of 2009 my husband and I moved out of this apartment because for more than a month we had been attacked by bedbugs. We started having problems in early April. We notified the landlord who did nothing. We paid $400 to purchase impermeable bed covers; the landlord refused to reimburse us. We paid to be fumigated; the landlord refused to reimburse us. We found bugs climbing down the walls (they were living in the ceiling!! And we have photos) but the landlord refused to believe us. We

took the landlord and his son to the Ontario Landlord & Tenants Board. We were hoping to have them blacklisted to protect any person who had the misfortune of being duped into renting from them. Unfortunately, the Board does not do this.

Now, nearly two years later, my husband and I are in a beautiful apartment, sleeping well, and totally bug free!

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