280 Sammon Ave
Toronto, ON M4J

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I would like to respond to the last comments to this location. I also live in this building and would like to say I am bed bug and any other bug free.I also would like to point out many other apartments are free of this the landlord must admit is not the best at getting things done on time but when a report is made to him about bed bugs he calls pest control and has it taken care of also about the cockroches look for dirt food so if everyone cleaned there apartments then there wouldn't be any ma

ny apartments in the building but there are dirty apartments that keep them around

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there have been numerous people in this building who have had bedbugs in recent months, one apt has thrown out their stuff seven times and still being sprayed and yet they are reoccuring...the landlord would rather spend money on frivoulous stuff then take care of tentants complaints...honestly do not even think of moving in here, it is also cockroach haven...how do i know i live here unfortunately

there are bed bugs all over the building! the apartments are not treated prior to people moving in and are not treated effectively, they are hiding in the wood floors that are under the "new" vinyl floors and in the walls, the black along the apartment door frames is bed bug feces. The first floor is the worst floor and treatment just makes them dormant for 2 months before they come back again. The landlord does not listen to the pest control agencies and will only spray the apartments that co

mplain, sometimes it takes the landlord months to call and arrange for treatment. If you are considering moving to this building.........DON'T. I have seen many people in that building throw out everything they own and still have bedbugs within 6 weeks. I have been told by p.c.o. that in order to eliminate the problem in the building, they would have to empty the building treat the building including putting holes in the walls so the treatment can get the ones in the walls.

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