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My mother's apartment was sprayed several times. She has seen no bedbugs for over a year, but my siblings and I have to be constantly vigilant. Vacuum everyday, applied caulking, always looking. It was a horrible, depressing experience for my mother, who at one point had a nearly bare apartment, as we had to get rid of several furniture items and small appliances, etc., due to the infestation.
I know they didn't do block spraying. They only sprayed my mother's apartment; certainly not the ones

on either side of her.
My understanding is that even if a tenant has bedbugs, the tenant's permission to enter an apartment unit and treat it for bedbugs has to be granted.
More education of the tenants on the facts and myths of bedbugs must be undertaken. Some mistakenly think that the bugs are a result of dirt, and that since they are not like their "dirty" neighbours, they won't be affected. Others are ashamed, as if people will think them "dirty" if it is witnessed that their apartments are being treated. So they keep quiet. TCH must be much more aggressive and must attach much more urgency to the problem, and convey this urgency to the tenants. My mother will be 88 in early March, and I don't think she could live through another infestation. It would just break her.

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On July 24 I found out that my mother had bed bugs in her bedroom. To the best of our knowledge, they came from another tenant in the building, and there have been rumors of others in the building living with bed bugs. On July 26 the apartment was treated and 10 days later it was treated a second time. As of today there has been a 95% elimination of bugs in the apartment but we are still seeing the odd bug. The standard procedure, as I understand, is to block spray. That is, for an individual in

fected apartment, the surrounding block of apartments are treated. I don't believe this was done. The entire building needs to be treated. We are currently looking to move my mother out of this building.

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various apartments in this old age building (government run) have been infested with bed bugs. They blast the apartment for bed bugs but they return. The entire building (all apartments) must be done in order to fix this problem which seems to be getting worse. I have my mother in there nad am working on getting her out of there as this is insanely disgusting!

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