250 Cosburn Ave
Toronto, ON M4J

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This building is very old, it doesn't have bed bugs or cockroaches but it DOES have mice!!! And it has soooo many ant's. I've tried everything to get the mice to leave but they are in the walls and ceilings .. The owner thinks he is doing a good job with upkeep of the building but painting the hallways and apartments is just a shabby facelift. I am moving as soon as I can find a suitable apartment. Don't move here if you don't like rodents and ant's!

no bed bugs here.my sister in law lives in the 250 cosburn and they don't have any

I've been thinking of moving into this building... are there any new reports of bed bugs? Last report was 2012.

to the last report. you are absolutely clueless. it doesn't matter the cleanliness of the person. bedbugs are to people what fleas are to dogs. They are attracted to the the carbon dioxide we breathe out, they want our blood. nothing else. so no it doesn't matter how tidy or how well you wash your dishes. also bedbugs can live up to a year without a blood meal and hide everywhere..not just your bed and since its been proven that "spraying' is not an effective way to eradicate bed bugs just beca

use you still have them after getting sprayed does not mean that you 'got them again'. you still have them will always have them because of the forementioned non effective spray. the only effective way is with heat and in some cases even that takes a couple times to get rid of those suckers. but in order for buildings to actually get rid of them is to heat treat every unit in the building otherwise they will just wonder to the next. and you think your landlord is going to foot the bill for that? helll no, just so some one can move in next month and start he problem all over again?spraying is a bandaid solution to a huge problem that will never be solved in this city. they need to invent something humans wear or injest (just like dogs) to kill them...gross.

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Obviously, bugs will travel from somewhere. If you've had your apt fumigated and still have bed bugs, consider that you or guests are the ones who keeps bringing in more bugs into your apt. Why blame your neighbour, like me? I read even some fine hotels have bugs. So best way is to keep apt clean and check your bags. I've had no problem, knock on wood.

yes this building has bed bugs. i have been fighting with them for months. the owner of the building is so cheap that he doesn't want to pay for the treatment also he should do the whole building all at once cause doing 1 apt at a time just don't work.

there is a real problem with bed bugs here at 250 cosburn. there are now 19 vacant apartments and even the former supts. have fled this building.. contrary to what was written last year the owner of this building will not do anything it seems unless he has been ordered to do so by the city of toronto. all the long term tenants are vacating this place including myself...we were infected by bed bugs five yrs ago. we had to hire a professional exterminator to come in at our expense. up to now this

apt is bed bug free and better remain so. if your smart you will avoid this building at all cost.

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There ARE bedbugs in this apartment building. A long term tenant just moved out last month because of them. We wrote a letter to the landlord about the issue and have yet had any contact from him. We have had to throw out an expensive queen size bed and box spring and two couches. We have sprayed twice at our own expense and have still not heard anything from the landlord. We have spoken to the Super's who are wonderful people and trying to do there best - but as with all things the must get

permission from the landlord.

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I am one of the employees responsible for this building and I can tell you that the bad reports are from one tenant who has a grudge with the management and thinks it amusing to tell lies about bed bugs and cockroaches. This building is clean and well managed,with very good superintendents who do not ignore maintenance issues reported by tenants. Too bad this tenant who is lying is so immature so as to try to ruin a perfectly good buildings reputation. Shame on you and we know who you are.

Kindly consult your landlord before posting concerns and assumptions in a public forum. There are NO reported bedbugs to management in this building of of now. The landlord has demonstrated to be very approachable and cooperative with tenants concerns and well-being. The landlord RESPONDS promptly to any concerns in a reasonable and fair manner, even to such issues as having difficulty paying the rent. The landlord offers very clean and spacious suites at a very reasonable rate for those seeking


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this building is infested with bedbugs and the super's and owner will not do a thing about it also some of the tenants are in denial about this so the bedbug problem will only escalate there is also 8 appt's vacant in this building do not move there the bedbugs will get you

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