230 Cosburn Ave
Toronto, ON M4J
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Bedbugs, roaches have been brought into the building IN THE PAST by tenants....the management has made every effort to eradicate pests and now continues every week and month with treatments to ensure this building is pest free....why wouldn't you want to live in a building that is continually treated?

Management wants a clean building...why wouldn't we?

Disgruntled former employees are taking advantage of this site to mislead future tenants from living in a well maintained building. They

are "using" this site.

Therefore....anyone who continues to say it isn't clean and has bugs on this website or any other.... is GUILTY of slander!

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The last report (dec 3) was reported by the previous disgruntled superintendant. It is obvious by the tone and language used. This person goes on to talk about what a wonderful super they were....then slanders the management bc they are upset that they were asked to leave.

Management has spent time money ensuring that the building has been properly treated...all future tenants will have to sign a lease stating they are not bringing in bedbugs or other pests.

Management does not bring pest

s into the building but are making every effort to keep it a safe, pest free and clean building.

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I have lived here for over a year and have never had a problem with bedbugs, roaches or anything.
We used to have a super that smoked in the hallways but the management had them leave.
Its all good now.

The Landlords have spent considerable time and money trying to irradicate bedbugs that were brought in when a tenant moved into this building. This week they entered my apartment as well as all of the apartments in the entire building.A special team came in for inspection with the canine unit. It was unbelievable to watch a dog sniff for bedbugs. The problem was found and is being treated. The landlords have been right on top of this. As far as I can see, the tenants are all being cooperativ

e...why wouldn't we? We all want to rid of this problem, its great to see this kind of management. I

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I lived there for 4 years and everything was fine until the current management took over. They truly dont care about the building all they want is the rent, they are at your door one day after it is late and keep bothering you until they get it.
They have no consideration for those that are on assistance or those whos payday is one day after the rent is due, all they want is money.

When it comes to the issue with bedbugs,mice and roaches they have the nerve to tell you that your apartment

is messy( mine never was) that is why you have them and when they decide to take care of the issue it is only one apartment at a time and not the entire building its no wonder people are still complaining about problems.

The apartments are very small for the rent they charge and repairs are never done on time if at all. TRUST ME YOU DONT WANT TO LIVE HERE!!!!

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I live here and I just saw mattresses out on the curb in front of the building this morning. When I came home tonight there was a note from management saying they're having all units inspected. I haven't had any pest problems in my apartment but I'd rather not take my chances with the bed bugs and I'm glad they're doing it. We'll see what further steps have to be taken but all in all I'd rather a little inconvenience than a real infestation.

!!!! BEWARE !!!!


It was a very short stay. I encountered bed bugs about 4 months after I moved in. My apartment was infested. I lost everything from matress and box,to couch and loveseat. And most of my clothes because I could not get rid of the problem unless i threw everything out. SO THAT IS WHAT I DID. Believe me when I say that the landlords don't care about you or your belongings. All they care about is their rent.

If you put in a complaint about something that you have encountered it takes them months before they do anything about it, but they still want their rent. I dont find that fair. They had "Orkin" come in and spray the apartment several times and the technician told me that there was nothing else to do but move out. He told me that my apartment was very infested and if i stayed there anymore it would just get worse for me.

I ended my tenancy !!!!!!!!!!!

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I live at 230 Cosburn Avenue and have never had a problem with bed bugs. I know there was one unit that brought bed bugs into the building several months ago. The management has had it sprayed and all apartments surrounding that unit, including my unit, which is why I know it was done.
This is a small apartment building, only 3 stories. We know our neighbours here. I have not heard of a problem since.

In Nov 2009 we had a bedbug infestation that was reportedly coming from the apartment next door. The property managment had a company in to spray, but they only did one round of spraying. Needless to say, in May to July we reported that the infestation had occured. It was late July before Orkin attended to spray the apartment, with a repeat visit in early August.

We have had to discard all of our soft furniture, and have been advised by Orkin that the infestation is to the point that the ent

ire building needs repeatedly sprayed, however the maanagement company is only having units who are complaining sprayed. Orkin has advised that there will be recurring issues until more drastic measures are taken.

I have terminated my tenancy.

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