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Jen Murray
63 Maple St
Norwood, MA 02062-2160
United States
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This woman is a scam artist, a thief, and a psychopath. Avoid her and her scam business if you don't want to get ripped off! She owes me $2500!

The unit I was in was infested with cockroaches (babies and adults). While the property manager continually responded to our request to have the unit sprayed, the underlying fact that the entire building is infested was never addressed, so the cockroaches just never went away. And while the unit I was in never had bedbugs, I was aware of other units having issues with them.
Overall, for the price point, this building is absolutely no longer worth living in. Please don't put yourself through th

e terrible experience of living there. I will never live in a Greenwin building again. Just a terrible experience.

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the building is full of cockroaches,its better to move out from this place

Bed bug, roaches, spiders and pantry moths, so clear out your cupboards and they'll put in sticky crap which does not work. Moths are worse in my apartment. Hard to wash due to low water pressure because it takes a long time to fill a bucket and pressure is so low in shower you can't spray the tub to clean it I'm surprised the smoke doesn't smoke out the bugs or was there once a fire in here because the smoke smell won't leave, even after they paint. Flies get in because there is no screen door

to the balcony and the balcony door has gaps so bugs get in and this is in my apartment and my friend's apartment. I can't afford to move or I would. Vacuuming and having mattress covers helps. Don't leave stuff out. Keep it in sealed bags.

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The place looked relatively renovated with new appliances and everything. They never told me the place is heavily infested with cockroaches. Clearly they must have cleaned the morning of the viewing. When moving in the neighbour told me as I was bringing my things in the place has cockroaches. The next day I saw 5. It has been a living hell ever since. Rent is incredibly expensive for the nightmare you live in this building. Parking spots are 80$ a month and you might be able to fit a mini coope

r in one. Aside from that, I now have cockroaches coming out of my furniture and they are in my clothes. I even find them in my shoes. They have treated the place but the roaches are in the building so no success. They refuse to compensate in any way they wont even release the contract for me to find a new place unless I pay the remainder of the months.

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Starting January 2015, we have a low- level bed bug infestation in our (renovated) unit. I get bitten about once every couple of weeks at present, and at about the same frequency I locate a single live bed bug in the seams of the mattress or corner of the sheets somewhere. I have captured samples on Scotch tape and am absolutely certain they are bed bugs. We've found 5 bugs so far.

Our apartment is very uncluttered, we don't own very many soft furnishings, and keep everything spotlessly clean

. Despite this we are taking considerable additional precautions with daily vacuuming, almost daily washing of all bedding, mattress encasements, caulking, and diagnostic sticky-box traps (which have remained empty so far).

In fairness, I cannot say if this issue originated in our apartment or elsewhere in the building (maybe a couple bugs hitch-hiked on someone's coat from a bus seat, who knows) but it is worth pointing out that many tenants feel that the maintenance and general upkeep of the building has declined considerably in the last couple of years. The building owners did some initial cosmetic upgrades but have not followed through with a higher standard of upkeep. The building itself dates from 1965.

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There's an infestation of roaches which is really disappointing considering the price you pay to live here... Just hope it will clear up.

October 20 2014
For the past 40 years I lived in a house, and decided to sell my home and downsize, I checked out the building,which I was excited to see were renovating each apt. as tenants leave.
I have been in this building now for over a year and was quite happy. My apartment was fully renovated,clean no signs of any activity at all. Then this past October 21, while they were renovating a recently vacated apartment next-door to me. I started noticing little bugs. (thinking they were

just Beetles from leaving my windows open).
Then I seen a bigger bug on the wall in my bedroom. I bagged it . Looked up bed bugs on internet as I have never seen one before!! I was freaked out. I have never had any bugs or mice in my life!!
I started to become more aware of my small dog scratching so I checked his bed. In the groves of his bed were quite a few bugs!!!! I bagged the bed and disposed of it immediately.
Luckily I had encased my pillow mattress but not my box spring, which I have since done. I started checking everywhere and found on another mattress,which I only had a mattress cover that was a topper type,had BB in the side straps.... I have bagged the mattress and will be disposing of it on Monday. I have quarantined the bedrooms and at night I go in to kill any visible bugs!!!!

I hope I have caught this on time before heavy infestation occurs!! We have no signs of bites on our bodies and are sleeping on our leather sofas until extermination has been done.

I went to the property mgmt. in the building and reported my findings. They immediately acted on my complaint and on Monday Oct 27th ,the exterminator is coming for the first of two treatments.
There is such a stigma about BB and I know it is not my fault this has happened but It is embarrassing...I also feel everyone in the building should be made aware of it and report any findings in their apt. to the property mgmt. so a mass eradication can be done.

Always on the look out.

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