12 Gertrude Pl
Toronto, ON M4J

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Since September 2010, I've been living in an apartment at this location. It's a house but it's divided into separate apartments.

I thought I had some bed bugs in December so I stuck my bed outside in the freezing cold for a few days. Nothing happened after that. Then on Wednesday May 25th, I was moving out of my place when I lifted my mattress and checked in one of the corner seams. There were a few of them in two separate spots on the bed. When we killed them there was no blood--I guess that

's because I hadn't been living there for 2 weeks. I've never seen any bites or bugs for that matter and I would check my bed every night before I moved out for the 2 weeks. I know they were bed bugs but I don't know when they came to my bed or how they got there because I'm kind of a neat freak.

Anyway, I got my land lady to look--she had them in another place 6 years ago-- and she helped me take everything out. Luckily, I've had experiences dealing with bed bugs at a summer camp I worked at. I've never had them before but I helped put stuff in the dryer and bag everything for the campers/staff. Anyway, everything was bagged and dried in the dryer so I'm sure it will be fine now. I also put my bed outside for the garbage to take but I think someone took it at the end of the day... so I guess they have them now...

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