100 Unity Rd
Toronto, ON M4J

Found 3 reports:

I know someone who lives in this building that has had bedbugs who has not said anything to management. Management ( Heather) deals with the problem by telling the tenant (seniors on a fixed income) they must throw out all there furniture then they will be spread for bedbugs. I know of one tenant that was hospitalized do to the stress. Heather is the manager for both 100 unity road and 110 unity road

There were also bedbugs at 110 Unity Rd.,

In December 2010 I know of someone who found bed bugs in their apartment. They are a very clean person who somehow got these pests in their apartment. However they did not get sprayed until Jan/2011 and has still seen a few since. Management is co-operating, but it is a timely process, and they waiting for more to be done. If you live in this building please check your apartment thoroughly as they could have moved from apartment to apartment. Let management know if you have any signs of bed b

ug..Prevention is the best solution.

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