Thorncliffe Park Dr
Toronto, ON M4H

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47 building is full of bedbugs .Iam living their since 2014 and last May i got infested with bedbugs and roaches .I had to throw out my beds and coach and many of my clothes big disaster... I am looking for a new apartment and have to buy new furniture .I am sleeping on camping beds since i don't dare to put a new matress in the apartment Iam sure I'll have the same issue. They sprayed my apartment but the issue hasn't been resolved totally. This building has to empty and clean up from s

cratch.... I have to admitt they immediately sent a determinator after the report but this issue will never go away!!!

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I live in 52 Thorncliffe Pk Dr. When I moved to this building, they were a lot of roaches in my appartment, some treatments had been done, but nothing changes. I find every day at least 10 roaches in my kitchen, and I know other tenants in the building have the same problem.

There are also bedbugs. Last winter, we had to change our matress and make a treatment, but we are having bedbugs again.

Yes there are bed bug in 43 thorncliffe. I was a way for 2 months leaving my apt. They sprayed 5 times then I returned from my sister's place. This bedbug issue is horrible.

i just want to say about rental staff especially Romana. she is very rude lady. i am surprised that morguard has such lady for customer dealings.even she refused there is no apartment and at the same time i talked to jeanny(other lady)she said there are two apartments available.secondly corridors carpets are very dirty.even you feel a shame facing your guests.

I have been living in 47 thorncliffe park drive for 1 year.For the last 2 months our apartment has been infested with bedbugs.They are everywhere,initially I did not understand what is going on ,we thought we had allergic reaction,went to G.P and had diagnosed.We cleaned up everything,sprayed medicated solution,but got no result.Do not know what to do.Now looking for new apartment.

I am a employee of a major Canadan utility company.

I have seen bedbugs in building numbers 47 and 49.

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