27 Thorncliffe Park Dr
Toronto, ON M4H

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i have been living for 4 years in this building and i have had it. there is a huge lack of services and maintenance on part of the management company: transglobe reit. my kitchen in falling apart, the cabinet doors are rotted so are the baseboards in the lower cabinets.my bathroom sink is rusty and the shower surround shows of mold/mildew. i clean and scrub every square inch of that bathroom, but i cant get rid of the black marks. to top it all of , i have rocaches roaming my kitcken and bathroo

m like they pay rent. these pests are seen everwhere in the building. i had my unit sprayed twice and gelled numerous times to no avail.i have called and filled many work orders, and complained and threatened legeal action, but nothing has been done but patch up work. every tenant i speak too is facing similar if not worse probelms as me.the entire building reeks of garabage odour because the chutes are always full and the hallway carpets are worn down to the fibers.

the funny thing is that the emplyees of the managment company are fed up too. my building has gone through 5 different property managers in the time i lived here!!!! same story with the superintendents. they com and go within 3 months of being on the job.

i am looking to move soon , and i pary to god my next place will be betetr. anyone interested in renting soon, please stay away from transglobe reit. they are shameful money grabbing people.

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