2 Grandstand Pl
Toronto, ON M4H

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This apartment is very clean in a way; landlady (local building landlady) is very nice and keeps the place very clean. She seems like she has her hands tied with the old building, which is essentially falling apart, constant water problems, leaks, power failures.

Big problem is that there is a huge mice infestation and everyone seems in total denial. I'm a country guy and I have no problem killing mice/setting traps, etc. I've killed and removed at least 12 mice from my own apartment in the l

ast 4 months, which is totally insane. The apartment is incredibly porous- there are holes everywhere, every bit of plumbing isn't secure. When I asked the landlady suggested I get some hard foam spray and fill the holes. When I contacted the building manager at Cromwell management for permission she absolutely lost her god damn mind (I had a similar problem when I did another bit of work to the house) so I am at a loss as to what to do.

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