1835 Bayview Ave
Toronto, ON M4G

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1833 & 1835 Bayview Ave are two small buildings joined into one. I've lived in this building for over 15 years and bed bugs are a serious problem here. You can rant and rave until you're blue in the face....management won't listen. They'll tell you all the wonderful things you want to hear, but that's where it ends.

Out of the 116 units in this building, more than 60 TENANTS have moved out in 2011 because of THE BED BUGS. I'm leaving as well.

Take this from someone with experience in how

this building is run, it's a joke. It may look all nice and pretty as you walk in, but just wait until you settle in, then the critters come out.

Briar Lane is a sham management company., and it's disgusting to see how they maintain this building.

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Bed bugs are a definite problem in this building. I had a few in the Spring of 2011, and when I approached management about this, they told me to wash my clothes and the bugs would go away. I'm sorry, for the high rent that I pay, that's not a good answer. Management obviously doesn't care about the well being of the tenants, they simply the rent and that's it's. Any complaints or concerns are not addressed. I currently live in the building and I speak from experience.



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The problem was reported, the building management claimed it was an isolated incident and tried to blame the tenant. Upon inspection several days later it was determined that many apartments were affected, treatment promised by management for same day, then a couple of days later, then a week and a half later. To date no treatment performed.

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