592 Woodbine Ave
Toronto, ON M4E

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We gave a cockroaches problem. The super has shrug it of like it is nothing and has called pest control a few days before our move out which will not do nothing considering how long it will take to get them removed. The super has also blamed the tenants although it is near the end of our lease and we have not encountered any since being moved in. We had also had an ant problem that we had address with the super, but was not taken care of by them.

If you gave any issues regarding pest

, your best option is to deal with it yourself.

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Multiple cockroach sightings in basement unit. Management takes the 'not a big deal' approach, alleges tenants let the bugs in by sometimes having the backdoor open for minutes at a time.

Pest control has been called, but we'll have moved out before they arrive. These are big cockroaches and we are being careful to not bring them to our new apartment. Some more concern and/or actual assistance from management would have been nice.

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