569 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON M4E
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567 and 569 Kingston Road (and two other buildings in the area) are owned by the same people!
The tenants have been suffering with bed bugs since at least 2007/08.
There are 18 units in each of these two buildings.
Only some units have been treated. Management has been aware of the bed bugs and other issues the entire time and they do as little as possible.

567 and 569 Kingston Road Toronto Ontario have had ongoing bed bug infestations since 2008.The owners have chosen to ignore known methods of doing away with these pests by simply spraying the units affected once that tenant is infested, instead of eliminating the problem by informing the other tenants in the building and spraying each unit, at a minimum, each unit on the affected floor of the building.Nice units if you don't mind sharing with bed bugs.

The landlords really are not overly concerned with this problem and seem to blame tennants for it even though they do not take proper steps to eliminate the problem in the building all together

This apartment has been infested with Bedbugs for over 3 years and the problem is ongoing. Apartments get randomly sprayed and the bugs just move along to the next one that won't get srpayed until the tennant asks. The problem literally just keeps moving around our building.

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