567 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON M4E
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Do NOT rent a unit in either 567 or 569 Kingston Rd!!
My neighbor above here in comments who said the bed bug issue has been going on for over a year and a half must be fairly new here.
The bed bug issue was already a problem in 569 Kingston Rd in 2007 and the tenants there knew that and management was advised repeatedly!
Only a few units were treated grudgingly by the owners/property management.
There was a tenant in 569 who was a known drug addict that caused a variety of issues includin

g allowing some very unsavory characters to stay with him and continually disturbing his fellow tenants ...it was well known his unit was badly infested! The superintendent made a big deal about "kicking him out" of 569 in about 2008/09 but then allowed this same individual to move into 567 Kingston Rd.

Both buildings have never ending issues including:
*bed bugs (my unit has been treated 3x and we still have them!!)
*leaks from units above
*many units have had ceilings that fall down
*plumbing problems
*very old wiring
*crack addicts allowed tenancy
*filthy hallways, cleaning here is surface and minimal
*heating issues (example: no heat for two weeks late last November 2010, management made tenants wait while they purchased used parts)
and many other issues!!!

At first look these apartments may look okay, some are in better condition than others. Don't let it fool you. To live here is to learn what it is like to rent from bad people!!

If you were to drive past here tonight you would see a pile of garbage in front of 567 Kingston Road. It is not unusual to see piles of garbage and furniture left behind by former tenants when the super empties the units. These piles of garbage are left for weeks and months and is in addition to our "regular" garbage which has bins and is put out for regular collection.

The rents for all units in both of these buildings is being raised!

Many of the long term tenants have left or are in the process of looking elsewhere ...and we/they are leaving our/their belongings behind!!

see full report...

Listen to this carefully.

This building is infested with Bed Bugs! The owners knew about the problem for a year and a half before the tenants pressured them to get the building treated. The filthy creatures are now traveling around the building from apartment to apartment.

WARNING: although a few apartments have been treated they infestation remains. DO NOT RENT HERE!!!

Do not live here!!!
Bed bug investation in entire building. Owners not treating the entire building so bugs move from apartment to apartment.

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