550 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON M4E

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Gee ya think? LOL 550 Kingston Road houses some of the nuttiest/disgusting bums I've ever seen in my life. Why would you ever even CONSIDER moving there? HILARIOUS


I got accepted for rent geard to income and didnt even get to sleep in my unit for ONE night because i notised the bastards coming through the wall (baseboard that i share with the neighbour as i am on the end unit)...i stay in a shelter as i speak and they continue to spray and "deal" with the problem...i keep going back to check up from time to time but each time they spray there are more and more dead ones...the unit is 327 and the building is so nasty please poor people do NOT get

your hopes up this place is BADLY infested! the housing is through MAINSTAY and even they dont seem to see an end in sight to this problem.
best of luck!

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