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Crescent Town, the most notorious place. Besides bed bugs and cockroaches, elevators not working half the time (sometimes you have to walk up even to the topmost floor), the carpets are not cleaned till date, rents going up every year, robbery (apartments are robbed)...don't know how the security works here, unless they are hand in gloves with the thieves and much more. I heard they usually come to rob during the afternoons between 11 am and 3 pm. (Do not open doors for anyone).

The only thi

ng positive about this place is that it is two minutes walk to the subway station. If you are walking on the walk way at nights, again you are robbed if you are not alert.

When the rental office takes you to show the apartments they will give you all rosy pictures about the place. Do not waste your time. Not worth.

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I agree! it is not the type of person....Bedbugs usually come from: buying used furniture in stores or privately, in clothing purchases in 2nd hand shops or even a friend that has them then visits you-transmitted on clothing.

When I purchase used clothing (not a habbit) I keep it in a plastic bag and do not open it (tie it at the top, take it to the laundry room and wash all of it in hot water, then dry in hot dryer. Furniture, I spray it before I take it into my apartment.
I also sprayed my

own apartment around the baseboards, then I put clear silicone around all the baseboards, this helps in case the person next door has them. Also, if you think you have them, some people put two-sided tape on the floor around their bedframe- then if they come for the bed area, they are stopped by the tape and get caught-then you can see for yourself. If you have a 'steamer' you can steam your matterss as well.
In Toronto, it is growing with bedbugs- I believe that its alright to complain, but if I don't do anything to protect my space, then well....

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I'm a second generation born Canadian and on behalf of other Canadian's that immigrant comment was totally ignorant, I'm sure your family immigrated from some one and the bugs are not their fault!!! Geez get a clue... I know several "New Canadians" Trying very hard to get rid of the bugs the way the rest of us our... We are Human Beings not this and that race....

I live on Park Vista accross the street and these are beautiful clean buildings. Since we have been hit with bed bugs I have to make it clear that it is not about race or being clean, God help you if they find their way in to your apartment. We are very clean people and my daughter started waking up with bites a few weeks ago. A week after that my son. We searched and searched and could not find anything, finally we flipped my daughter bedframe over and found one. We steamed every mattress, dres

ser, etc. and only found a total of 2, still none in my son's room. Today while sitting on the couch I felt itchy and saw one crawling accross my chest. It bit me 6 times while I was watching TV! I wish I had the money to just throw everything we own out and replace it but without knowing where they are or where they came from, it would probably be pointless. We have the exterminator coming this week but I don't feel comfortable in my home anymore :(

If these things transfer from apartment to apartment we are all screwed.

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I have lived at Crescent Town for over 4 years. Once I had bedbugs and the management office was fast in getting the pest control company. I also found out just recently that they are doing a complete building extermination very soon ( I heard maybe around Nov/Dec) which will help as they did this once before. I guess with all the talk about bedbugs in the city of toronto, there are some landlords that do nothing. I guess I am fortunate to have a landlord that spends the money to look after the

problem. anywhere you go, you may get them now- even in high end hotels.

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Me and my family live in 2014-9 Crescent Place and in our 6 months time we have faced sever attack by bugs twice. When reported to the management they promptly sent people to eliminate it but again it revived. I think,the buildings need overhauling.Tenants also need to be neat and clean and maintain basic civic rules. The management should change the carpets, paint the walls and conduct massive cleaning effort.

I live in 9 crescent place apt 1917. in my apt i face bad bugs problem,at the begening when i was moved here from that time to till now i m facing this prob. basically in the mid night they(bad bug)come out from some where,i sow couple of times and i complain to the management they sprayed 2 3 times but it's not working. i spray by my own but the prob is same. in my personal openion that is: city should take some action against the management of this building coz if u complain somthing they don'

t care although we r paying rent.

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I have lived here and we did see a couple of these insects on the floor and in d cupbrd. The mgmnt hwer has been very responsive and sent Poc immdtly. We haven't seen any for over a month now. IRS true that this problem is existent here but the management team is extremely good at attending the problems n you always see cleaners around doing thier job tirelessly. Crescent town is a beautiful place but it's ruined by some elements who have gotten used to living with unclean habits. Magmnt needs

to be more stringent with overcrowding and rules for cleanliness. They are an excellent team doing the job well.

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To all new immigrants if you can Stay out of crescent town,we delayed our moving as we saw cockroaches in a small number in our apartment only to be told the problem was taken care of.we moved on two days ago and apart from cockroaches we have also seen bedbugs something I have heard of but never experienced in my life.I hate it here but since we have paid the rent I font know what options we have! My advice Stay out if you respect yourself and need to staySane!

I've lived at 7 Crescent Place for a numbers of yrs. I do/did NOT have a problem with (any) insects in my apartment until 'bout 4 wks ago when I started getting bitten by something which itched and then swell up. I had absolutely NO CLUE what was causing this (VERY BAD) reaction to my skin until a wk later I visited my doctor and was told they're bed bug bites. Truth be told, I had NO IDEA what a bed bug was! Coincidentally, I found out that same day two people in my bldg (been more since) had t

he same problem one time or another. The next day I contacted Mgmt Office, I wasn't pleased by the reply given to me initially, nonetheless, after a few days,the PMP was sent to me my apt to treat it (I had to prepare the place for treatment before they came). All this being said, it has caused me a "pretty penny" so far to help alleviate the problem on my own. Through the whole ordeal, I've physically seen 4 bed bugs. I'm not going to put back carpet or use a bedskirt for some time until I'm convinced this problem is solved. Yes, there are some nasty people in this bldg but a good number of us are clean and Mgmt is trying. Do we need improvement in some areas...definitely YES but they're trying. Of course, my next/last resort is to get a house.

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Crescent Town has NOT gotten any cleaner over the years. It is actually worse, and I have lived here for a while. The rent is cheap, so it is great for those on a budget. But the buildings, and many of the tenants, are absolutely filthy. Bedbugs and roaches are everywhere, and many balconies are littered with garbage because some tenants refuse to use the garbage chute. Many dog owners don't clean up after their pets (i.e. doggie droppings). Management does not care about the condition of the bu

ilding. I would not advise anyone to move into this neighbourhood.

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September 15, 2009
I lived at Crescent Town for a couple of years, yes, it did have its ups and downs. I visit friends at Crescentown still now and and hear and actually saw that Management has taken ACTION to correct the bug problem. (mind you in toronto and on the news, it is everywhere-highrise apts, low rise apts, even I heard that homeowners now have bug problems, wow!) I lived there because the rent price I paid was perfect for my budget and I thought the subway right at your door was gre

at. I was out there the other day to visit and found the buildings cleaner than when I lived there, so that says something good. If you look at the other highrises in toronto, you will probably find the same thing is happening-over the years buildings change, people change.

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I grew up at 9 Crescent Place. From an infant until my late teens, I lived there.

Since the 1980s, this place has had a cockroach, insect, and mice infestation.

I grew up thinking that cockroaches crawling on my legs at night was a normal way of life. I got used to seeing piles of garbage in the hallway disposals. Watching people throw garbage off their balconies was normal. I would watch whole families litter where they stood, spitting on the lobby and mailroom floor. I thought seeing mic

e running up and down the corridors was something common to every dwelling.

I have been traumatized with growing up like this. Seeing a cockroach today completely undermines rational thought, and the thought of bedbugs makes me physicially ill.

To find this website and see the horror stories that other residents have posted leave me with just one echoing sentiment:


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I have lived in 9 Crescent Place for several years. The only reason that I have stayed is because of the low rent and quick access to the subway. "Fed Up" is 100% correct. The complex is filthy. There are bedbugs, roaches and mice. I keep a very clean apartment, so I can "escape" the nastiness that lingers outside.

I had bedbugs in my apartment about four years ago and had to call Toronto Board of Health. When the representative arrived (and he arrived quickly - I was very impressed) he came

with me to the management office. I wish that I had a camera, as they looked absolutely terrified. He told them pointblank to remove my bed from the apartment. He later instructed me on how to clean up, by vacuuming everyday and spraying bleach along the baseboards. Just for your information, I vacuumed twice a day, everyday, for about a month and followed with an application of bleach along the baseboards twice a day as well. Thank god it worked.

Please DO NOT move into any of the buildings located in Crescent Town. They are filthy and full of so many people who live like pigs. They even throw garbage over their balonies, spit everywhere and I have seen people unrinating outside of the building! It makes it very bad for those of us who just want to live in a clean environment. I truly hope that I can save enough money to buy a house!

Please avoid Crescent Town and all of the buildings. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT MOVE IN - EVER!!!!

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I have been battling a small infestation for several monthes and have only located a a dosen actual insects and none on the matress or bed.

11 Crescent Place - several treatments in one unit.

7, 9, 11 Crescent Place are part of a complex of apartments. Each building is infected on multiple floors. Some more, some less. This is according to the management office as well as the POC who came to spray our apt. We are moving out but have been here 1 year and the 20 bedbugs we had in our apt (on one mattress)were our only sighting.

We thought we had a rash or an allergic reaction to something when we got welts and marks...but alas it was the dreaded bedbugs..even a Dr thought it was

a rash!

This building is overcrowded, run down and also infected with cockroaches, mice and other insects. We did not know this when we moved in. We were shown building 9 and a clean, fresh suite. We assume that it is set aside to lure people in..don't be fooled like we were. Being close to the subway and getting a large apartment means nothing if you are fighting insects all the time!

Most of the people who live here are new immigrants who have lower standards for cleanliness. The leave garbage everywhere, don't use the garbage chutes and take furniture out of the garbage and back to their apts. This is neither racism/discrimination on my part. My partner and I have lived here a year! It is from first hand knowledge and experience.

Don't move in here.

Also the Crescent Town Restaurant which is part of the complex has cockroaches!

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