9 Crescent Pl
Toronto, ON M4C

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Management changed thermostat to save $$$$
It is now too cold on the apartment and I am falling sick because of it.

Been living here since February. Month after I moved in they fumigated the whole building.

Haven't seen any bed bugs, no problems to report.

In Mid-summer saw (6 weeks) apart two (what I think) were cockroaches, but if they were I'd expect hundreds, nothing so far.

Actually pretty pleased.

Elevators suck, but the bug problem seems under control.

9 crescent place will make your life hell. i've been living there for 1 year and half and seriously for one all year sleeping or even sitting on the sofa and bed was unbearable and even more that place is full of roaches .

Lived here from 2012 to 2013. Do not move in! Unsafe building complex full of bedbugs and roaches!!! :( Horrible experience!!!

Now that I am safely out of there I feel I can talk about this hellhole more easily .Awful ,awful building ,horrible behaviour by management and a bed bug issue that they seem totally incapable of solving .Even as we were moving out ,I could see a mattress from another apartment full of bed bug marks .We had them torturing us for 2 months and despite having the apartment fumigated twice ,nothing was done .Horrible feeling to be sleeping on a chair for 2 months ,to have a goddamn bug crawling up

your shirt ,to have to wash and dry all your clothes 4 times ,a procedure that cost us well over $400 and to have our better clothes dry cleaned ,costing us another $300 .What makes this whole experience so insufferable is that there is absolutely no help whatsoever by official government agencies .This whole thing cost us over $4000 with what I mentioned up above as well as the new furniture we had to buy since we chose to abandon everything in the infested apartment .How 3rd world can you get !!!

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It is October 2014 and mercifully I am moving out of this decrepit ,awful building .Bed bugs all over and a staff unwilling or unable to do anything about them

I live at 9 Crescent Place and YES the infestation of BEDBUGS is horrific! the problem as I see it is that the building hallways are never vaccumed and hence when people (many) throw out their mattresses (just look at the pile every garbage day) they are dropping bedbugs on the floors of the corridors and the Bugs then just move from apartment to apartment by moving under doors which have large gaps....The buildings are filthy and and definitely NOT well maintained!
Management is rude when conf

ronted about this hard to rectify promblem and insist you brought them with you! Well, sorry but I have lived here 2 years and just now have been infested. I have purchased a heat steamer and am steaming every inch of my apartment as the spray that these stupid asses use lasts for about 3 to 6 months and then back come the BUGS! Don't move into this complex! There are also a mottley crew of drug dealers, acoholics, and mental illness living in these units and it's not the safest environment. One tenant was just evicted after a rash of nighttime burglaries broke out and he was finnaly caught in January and is now awaiting prosecution. This apartment complex could be so nice but it is definely a NIGHTMARE! Enter at your own risk!

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There are still bedbugs at this location - and all the buildings in Crescent Town and Massey Square. There are also roaches and mice. The buildings are generally filthy and not maintained. In addition, Crescent Town in general is a high crime area well known for frequent break-ins, prostitution, and drug deals. I would not recommend that you move in. It is a real shame because the buildings could be so nice if they were maintained.

Please Anyone, who leaves in this house,Let me know, What about bed bags for now?

the office never informed us the bedbugs.Disgustful. The treatment is slow.

I just moved into 9 crescent yesterday and my walls were covered in bed bugs, our unit looked so clean and nice and then areound midnight as I was unpacking I started seeing all thes red shiny bugs everywhere, the walls, the floors, it was advertised to us as a bedbug free building and I never thought to check the registry. Now we're stuck here for a year fighting bedbugs!

YES!!!!! There is bed bugs all over 9 crescent place as well as the other two buildings.. 7 cresent place as well as 11 cresent place... DO NOT move into these buildings.. I have been living here for more the 3 years and everything was fine up until 9 months ago.....they come and spray and when the spraying is done and you see the dam bugs come back they tell you it is your fault.... well if your smart I would NOT move into these buildings

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