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I need to correct my report actually I am 3 years now free of the foul critters. I never want to have to deal with this problem again. It is so much work cleaning, steam cleaning etc. My only concern in any building is if you have to get rid of infested mattress' please secure them in plastic so they won't infest the hallways as you carry them out. This is one thing I complained to management about when I saw this happening and they immediatley passed notices to each unit advising of proper


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I am happy to report my place is free of bugs.
I had previously written in about a bed bug problem I was having but I have been 2 years free. Kudos to management for acting so promply.

I had them July 2009 and they were so difficult to get rid of. I found management very cooperative and in supplying traps and booking the exterminator. I had the exterminator come twice. After waiting two weeks as the exterminator instructed I decided to steam clean everywhere. After cleaning the rugs I bought a steamer which I used everyday for two weeks. After hot laundrying and packing things to stay out for the winter I finally did not see them anymore in the traps. I found the internet

very helpful as people have had sucess with so many ways of keeping them from reinfesting. I also purchased bed bug mattress protectors and pillow cases. It was exhausting work but I am happy to say they have not been back. I have noticed a mattress in the garbage outside wrapped in plastic. Although it is embarassing informing management of the infestation is important. This is a nice building, I am hoping we are rid of them.

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I had reported bedbugs in the summer of 2010. After 3 visits from the exterminator to my apt and the ones around me, the 'little buggers' seem to have been eradicated. I have had no sightings or bites for over a year now. Thanks to the new condo manager.

Fri. Oct 29, 2010

I initially found about a dozen live bedbugs on my bed at the end of July, after being bitten. I reported it to management. They informed me an apt abutting mine had had two infestations for which I hadn't been informed.

Management had an exterminator come in. He found nothing, but did the thorough treatment. I followed his instructions. I was told they would check all the apts around, above and below me.

End of Sept, I found another live one. Informed management

who had the exterminator in again. He told me no one had come in to inspect the other apts in July, but they would do it this time.

Again, the exterminator could find no sign of bedbugs, but did a thorough treatment. I again followed all the instructions and kept an eye out for the bugs.

Yesterday, I found another live one. I reported it to management again, who said nothing could be done until MOnday, Nov. 1. He also said on my Sept reporting, they had gone into the abutting apts, but had only done a minimal spraying.

I've been in the building almost 28 years and until this year, have never set eyes on any bed bugs. There seems to be a problem with proper treatment and/or follow through.

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I noticed those mattresse too and thought the same thing. Checked my place out after getting the notice from management. So far, so good, but I will keep a close eye out.

Discovered bed bugs about a month ago, though they had probably been there a couple a months prior to discovery. Sprayed entire bedroom after bagging everything, also sprayed living room. Seem to be gone at the moment, but time will tell. Saw some mattresses out in the garbage area the other day, immediately though of others that might be having the same problem.

We discovered we had them a few weeks ago and have had the exterminator here last week. We are watching and following his instructions carefully. I saw one today under a dresser. Not sure how long it takes to get rid of them all but I feel we will need another treatment here at least. I don't know how they infested here. We have lived here over 7 years and never have see bugs here until now.

I have been living here since early 2006. After three months I discovered I was infested with bedbugs. I have been trying to get rid of them completely since then and it is now almost the middle of 2009. I believe it may have come from one apartment, but know at least one other apartment which experienced this problem. Both of them managed to completely get rid of the problem by using pest control and throwing out their beds and furniture near the beds. I only had pest control the first year

and although I appeared to get rid of it they returned a year later. I have anonymously reported the situation to management requesting they have the whole building sprayed but nothing has happened. I asked for this about a month ago. In the beginning I also asked a security guard if there was a problem in this building but he hadn't heard of anything.

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