265 Main St
Toronto, ON M4C

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We have been living here for almost five years. We live on the upper floors and have only spotted roughly five cock roaches in the apartment from the time we have moved in.
In the last month we have spotted 2 bed bugs in our apartment.
We have noticed cockroaches in the lobby and basement on several occasions.
I have seen bed bugs in the laundry room and on the washing machines.
Maintenance doesn't clean the laundry machines as often as they should, if at all!
The machines break down all

the time!
They don't wash the clothes very well.
The debit machine has taken money out of my account and not credit my laundry card on several occasions and if the amount is higher then 10$ you have to wait MONTHS to be reimbursed!

There is a laundry mat not to far from the building, you may want to use their facility.

The elevators are always out of service or on service used by maintenance, and wait times can be ridiculous. I have waited 15 minutes for an elevator before.

Management is unprofessional and unknowledgable.

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265 main st. 14th floor cockroach in kitchen.

265 main st 14th floor cockroach on bedroom table

Been living in 265 Main street since 2009 and have been infested with roaches since the day we moved in. The apartment has been fumagated so many times that there shouldn't be a bug a live but they get worse and worse. Have no funds to move out to another place. The management doesn't care. You report that you still have bugs and they send the same no name company to spray, put down powder and brown goo in less than 5 minutes. Management doesn't care. We are up all hours of the night killing roa

ches, spraying Raid etc. Land Lord tennant board states we can not break our lease, all we can do is lodge a complaint and that is it. DO NOT MOVE HERE

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The building supposedly sprayed and put down more of their wonderful powder and brown goo but it's getting so bad that I find 10-20 roaches every day in my apartment! The 'treatment' lasted for about 5 minutes when the exterminator came and I can't see how they can do a good job in that short of time with spray, goo and powder. The office really doesnt give a damn about the tenants and I am just hoping that I can find a job that pays me enough that I can give my notice and move. We are not di

rty people at all and you can only take so many years of unpaying tenants in your apartment before you have to leave. All I hope for is that my plan to spray everything prior to leaving kills anything that is living in my stuff so I don't have to throw it out. DO NOT MOVE HERE IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A DECENT PLACE WITHOUT ROACHES!!!

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lots of roches no matter waht u do i hate samll roaches i am very clean lady but i beleived the peaple they hire to sapryed or put that small brown glue they dont poay good thats why we are getting that service and plus the apartments corners are open and they come from there no matter what u do

I posted back in 2010. Thought we got rid of the bugs, but they're back again. Have done everything I can think of. Pest control, vacuuming, laying down diatomaceous earth, caulking the baseboards. This only seems to reduce their numbers for a while. I cannot afford to throw out my furniture, and I certainly won't buy any new furniture while I'm living here.

I'm only here until I've gotten my degree, and then I'm leaving this hell hole. And I'm going to toss all of my furniture and spray pain

t "BEDBUGS" on all of it in big black writing so that no-one thinks of taking it back into the building.

And to the landlord/employee of Main Square that wrote that BS about tenants being responsible for the infestations because they bring in old furniture? Please. If you would get THE WHOLE BUILDING treated instead of doing apartment by apartment as the bugs move through the building, we wouldn't be suffering in misery, and you wouldn't have such a high turn-over of tenants.

Good luck paying your bills, landlords. And about what the previous poster said about the elevators? It's true. You are slum lords. Just be glad (and I bet you are) that you don't have to live here.

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lived at 265 main st. (main square)for 10 years now and i a moveing out!
couse i seen roches every were and the office does nuthing! all they said was we will get around to it! last year it stared getting out of hand they closed off all the holes in the basement! then they spead to the top of the building they are now on the 20s floor when the extromator came around he put some white powder and said hes done couse thats all they payed for was the cheapest service from him! its a joke to the off

ice! the staff changes so much its dum only mainteins people that stay are the dum 1s 4 years ago the building was sold to the new ouners! and they dont care the elevators are not even have the certificates on them they are bad copys (not realy if u there take a look)now that i am moving out the office know i work nights they insist on showing the apartment well i am sleeping! and they will not give me any notice other then a 5min phone call befor they come so it wakes me up they tryed to make me sing a peice of paper say they have the right to come in the apartment any time they want when i gave them my notice i was leaving i did not sing it couse i work nights i have changed my locks on the door also after they came in when me and my wife were in the shower and they just walked in with out calling to say they want to show the apartment

i also like how some one from the office comented on here just under me mabe they should do more! if u ask every tenent how much they pay for rent they give serten people cheaper rent couse they the same race as the ouners of the building (from there country)its not so much the residents of main squars falt but the office for letting a family of 15 people yes i am right right down the hall from me there are 15 of them live in a 3 bed room apt just couse back home u have mom dad 3 kids grandma grandad anuts and uncalls there kids also live in 3 bed rooms its not the way it is over here and yes i told the office they said they know they have a large family living there

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if the tenants would stop picking up used furniture and bedding from the garbage bins and from known horders it wouldn't be so infested

cockroaches & bedbug infcetions on the 2nd floor, 265 Main St. I've been getting through this hell for several months, the exterminators only decreased the number of the bugs. I've had enough with this place, moving out soon.
When the exterminators came, I had to find some place to stay for 2 weeks while they're in the process but nothing really helped.
I'm leaving all my furnitures and my bed here, just can't wait until I move out of this hell.
Just don't come here.

I just moved in to an upper floor. Within 6 days of moving in, we had an infestation of cockroaches and bedbugs.

This place is Hell. Come at your own risk.

Do you mind if I ask which floor you're on? I live there too and am extremely concerned.

Main Square Apartments:

Infested with cockroaches and bedbugs. We had our apartment sprayed and fumigated on August 21, 2009. The exterminator advised us to dispose of our mattress, pillows, some blankets, a foam cushion and the actual bed box frame.

Management has responded that they will not reimburse us for any of our loses.

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