2575 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON M4C

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Which bugs are you referring to? Just getting through the lobby you have to navigate the numerous shelter dwellers up the street hanging aound the entrance waiting to double enter into the building to break into vending machines they place in the already ugly lobby area.

Spare yourself and keep looking.

Worst apt. building in the east end. Everyone on elevators (that never work) have vacant stare from built up rage from living in such a building.
Way too many people and overcrowding throughout.

Constant elevator breakdowns (especially on weekends), bugs in hallways outside garbage rooms, uninterested management and depressing lobby entrance. No communication from office to tenants about what is happening with respect to broken down elevators weeks at a time.

Do not stress yourself out

by living here.

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Worst apt. building in the east end. Everyone on elevators (that never work) have vacant stare from built up rage from living in such a building.
Way too many people and overcrowding throughout.

Constant elevator breakdowns (especially on weekends), bugs in hallways outside garbage rooms, uninterested management and depressing lobby entrance. No communication from office to tenants about what is happening with respect to broken down elevators weeks at a time.

Do not stress yourself out

by living here.

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I would not worry so much about the bed bugs here since they would not be able to travel in this building where elevators are constantly broken down with no communication from mgmt. office as to when they will be repaired.

The bugs are cleaner than a lot of the people who reside here who walk around with dirty feet at all times of the year & leave their garbage in the hallways.

Stop bringing discarded furniture up the elevators; dispose of your soiled mattresses & furniture in sealed plastic in the bsmt., not in the hallways,stop hoarding, stop blaming mgmt.

Lived here for 30 years and have never seen a bug anywhere because we don't dump all our garbage over the chute rooms floors allowing the critters free


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From CBC


"Danforth apartment fire related to grow-op inside, police say

There was a marijuana grow op inside a Toronto apartment where an early-morning fire broke out this week, police say.

The fire at 2575 Danforth Ave., near Main Street, was reported at 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

It was brought under control by firefighters and contained to the apartment unit whe

re it started — the same unit where the alleged grow-op was located.

Toronto police allege the fire started as a result of the ongoing marijuana production.

Police say that the tenants tried to put the fire out, but were unable to do so.

Drug equipment and marijuana plants were seized in the aftermath of the fire.

Two 22-year-old Toronto men face charges that include mischief endangering life and arson having disregard for human life. Both of the accused appeared in court on Thursday.

None of the charges have been proven in court."

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I live in 275 Main square apartment building. Everything was fine for 3 weeks since I moved in, then I started seeing the bed bugs everywhere. It doesn't bite me but my wife and son suffered a lot. I went and complained to the rental office, but they accused me of bringing it to the apartment. Fair enough - I thought I might have brought it from TTC subway or from the rental truck which I used for moving in. I asked them what has to be done to get rid of it. The ladies at the rental office are v

ery very rude. They look and talk to you as if you are a criminal. Trust me I am not the only one being treated this way. I had to throw away all of my bedding and furniture etc. I just wanted to save my wife and son from this horror. The six weeks pest control spraying was done by an useless company who doesn't even spay the entire apartment. The bed bugs were still there even after their so called fumigation.

I went to the rental office but they were still blaming it on me. I told them we should stop playing this blame game and actually do something about it. The simple fact is THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE TENANTS. All they want is monthly rent and you should never go to them with any issues and that is the reason they talk to you rudely so you don't go to them next time. Now the situation is under control after me spending 400$ and spraying the entire apartment with sprays from AETNA and Home hardware. I am waiting for the end of the contract and just run way from this bed bugs warehouse. After talking with the neighbors I found out that everybody in this floor had the same issue and they had to take care of it themselves. They are all waiting to move out as well.

I am writing this because there will be new tenants after us and they will undergo the same issue. If you read this please alert yourself or anybody who has plans of moving into Main Square Apartments in Danforth avenue.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns [email protected]

Thank you.

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Early july I found bed bugs. the building manager accused me of Binging them. So I came on here and saw the reports. I am moving! And now a month after spending all this money. I have them again. I don't think it makes sense to carry any furniture with me. And they don't cover anything. They don't do post control check upa.d. August 19

We moved to this pathetic building 3 months before because of the location our previous app was so clean no bed bugs no roaches so we bring here our clean furniture but now after moving here with in one week I saw bed bugs crawling on my bed biting me and my daughter a lot Iam pregnant and having high risk pregnancy we went to the management they send fumigation pple to us but after fumigation done which is very long procedure even after that no any difference they r still coming so.then we bre

ak the contract we also talk to management to move us to the upper floor may be there is not such prob but management is sooo rude they don't care about the tannants they even don't know how to talk nicely they didn't do the fumigation before moving so plz if any one want to move in 2575 danforth aven then plz don't move there don't try to make your life hell

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March 23, 2012

No idea where it came from. Just suddenly, welts. Live on the 16th floor of the actual 2575 building itself.

Found a bedbug upon flipping the mattress. Wiped the entire place down with bleach solution + threw the boxspring and carpet out. No more welts but now roughly a week later they seem to have made a return. 100% it's overflow from somebody else.

Ending lease in May. MOVE OUT. MOVE OUT I SAY.

This Building is full of Bed Bugs and could be seen like stars in the sky. The Bed bugs is the ugliest thing in the world . They got complete control of your apartment and this building is well known bed bug school where they have no fear of Management.
i talk to city Health standards ,they suggested to move from here and city forced the Management to do the treatment but so far nothing have been done to solve the problem. i have seen many people crying from bed bugs but they have no choice to

remain there. People do not want to hit their credit by collection agaency or any legal action for breaking the earlier lease of one year.
Think 1000 times before moving this building 2575 Danforth avenue Toronto.

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This building is known for Bed bugs University ,where they live freely and fear of Management.I complained many times and Management was unable to help me out. i have seen about 25 Bed bugs on my bed sheet. i ran away from building without giving them notice and leaving my furniture there.
now i think that it was a wise decision .Bed bugs sucks your blood from your body in the bed .
The Management is worse though and paying no heed to the tenants.
The bed bugs are attached with your lease an

d will remain there until you ran away from the building.

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I was there in 2575 building, that house full of bedbugs,cockroaches,thats make my life hell.This building should close doen.They are taking high price as a rent,but there building is full of cockroaches and bugs.As a new comer like or others satying there because of good communication but at last we have to through out our everything that we bought like beds,mattress, couch its should be stoped.We came canada for better life but look our life style after paying a lot,its should be stoped.Thats

why I moved from there,and the management also not good.

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Re: Important suggestions

1) Bedbugs do not eat human food. They feed on humans (though they will also bite dogs, cats etc.) nd they are attracted by body heat and the carbon dioxide of exhaled breath. It's cockroaches that are attracted by food, dirty dishes etc. Keeping the kitchen clean will do nothing to prevent or control bedbugs.
2) Most cleaners such as Pine-sol will kill bedbugs on contact, but they do not have a residual affect. Bedbug eggs stick to surfaces, so also use a scrub

brush if the cleaning is being done to remove bedbug eggs.
3) Professional treatment is almost always necessary - cleaning and scrubbing will usually not be enough.
4) Bedbugs don't live on sheets and bed linen. They live in the creases of the mattress and in the box spring. (And other places like bedside furniture, picture frames, drapes etc. and they like to be within about 20 feet of the bed, but they can range farther.) Washing sheets frequently will not control bedbugs. Vacuuming the mattress will help, but it's hard to vacuum a box spring, particularly because the bedbugs will get inside them. Dispose of the vacuum bag carefully - seal it in a plastic bag before throwing it out after each use of vacuuming bedbugs.

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Sep 7, 2011 Important suggestions to get rid of these bugs: Use Amonia or Pinesol (Please read label) {DO NOT MIX CLEANERS TOGETHER} to clean your floors, rugs, carpets, walls, cupboards, closets, bedboards, mattress and rails . Also pour from the bottle into panel-boards and all corners of each room. Leave windows open and leave your apartment for a couple of hours.

It is imperative that you mop your floors after cooking each meal and especially if you have children and pets, because they s

pill things and drop food around when you don't see them.

Change bed linens often and practice proper hygiene.

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Bed bugs! What a nightmare!

Bed Bugs ewwwww IM NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL!!!

lived at 265 main st. (main square)for 10 years now and i a moveing out!
couse i seen roches every were and the office does nuthing! all they said was we will get around to it! last year it stared getting out of hand they closed off all the holes in the basement! then they spead to the top of the building they are now on the 20s floor when the extromator came around he put some white powder and said hes done couse thats all they payed for was the cheapest service from him! its a joke to the of

fice! the staff changes so much its dum only mainteins people that stay are the dum 1s 4 years ago the building was sold to the new ouners! and they dont care the elevators are not even have the certificates on them they are bad copys (not realy if u there take a look)now that i am moving out the office know i work nights they insist on showing the apartment well i am sleeping! and they will not give me any notice other then a 5min phone call befor they come so it wakes me up they tryed to make me sing a peice of paper say they have the right to come in the apartment any time they want when i gave them my notice i was leaving i did not sing it couse i work nights i have changed my locks on the door also after they came in when me and my wife were in the shower and they just walked in with out calling to say they want to show the apartment

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if the tenants would stop picking up the used furniture and bedding from the garbage it wouldn't be so infested

i recently just moved from this address because of the bed bugs. i never had them in my unit but i saw them everywhere in the building. in the lobby crawling on the benches.... in the elevators, in the stairwell even crawling out of the laundry machines. i complained to management several times in the course of 2 months and they did nothing so i decided to leave even before my 60 day notice was finished. i found myself walking 2 blocks to the laundry mat every weekend....quite annoying and i'm p

ositive the cost of a laundry room is hidden within my rent fees (obviously). this building is absolutely disgusting and it is quite unfortunate that management doesn't do anything about the bugs because it is a prime location in terms of transit and walking distances to stores and the units themselves are quite nice. I highly recommend u stay away from here...... even the whole neighborhood is quite infested (dawes Rd...Crescent Town)

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its disgusting in this building. they come out of the laundry machines and you can visibly see them in the elevators too and management does nothing.

I have lived here for over a year now and we had roaches at first, which in the past two months have come back with a vengange, along with bed bugs. I started to get bites right before i woke up, and now am sure i have them.

Sept 7/2010

My complaint is of Roaches. I have not seen any bedbugs in my unit. But from the first day we moved in to 2575 Danforth Ave we noticed alot of Roaches. I hadnt even cooked anything yet thats how new we were. We came from a building not too far from here because we needed a larger space and came to find out that this apartment is infested with Roaches.. I have been here for 1 month and so far have eliminated the # of roaches greatly. We had building mngmt come in a apply gel -

This has actually helped. I was still seeing some here and there and complained again, the building has offered to spray this time around, but I have refused as I have a 1 year old and dont hink its safe- If I continue to see roaches I will be breaking my lease. Its unfortunate because the unit itself is very nice. No matter how clean I keep it, I dont even leave garbage in my suite over night I still see roaches. I definitly will not stay past my year lease.

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the rental office of 2575 danforth ave, they dampcare people who had make work order for bed bugs and the result of this complain is you never get any of your damaged repair because you report bed bugs, they are careless rental office, actually bed bugs in their building, just stay out from this 2575 danforth ave

I've been battling bed bugs in this apartment for a little over 2 months now. At first I thought it was just a rash, but once the doctor said I had bugs I started looking for them, and found them...many of them. I've reduced their numbers significantly, but they're nearly impossible to eliminate altogether.

Fair warning for anyone thinking about moving to this building. When I asked the pharmacy on the corner for a recommnded anti-itch cream for bug bites they said "Oh, you must live in one

of the buildings across the street, eh?". That's not good. I'd like to move, but I'm paranoid about buying all new stuff and moving into another building with the same problem. It seems to be going around :(

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