255 Main St
Toronto, ON M4C

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This place is not inhabitable. We have been facing roaches problem and fewer times even bed bugs from the day we moved here and we brought the issue to the management but they don't care. They are brilliant at sending out he notice if you are late to pay rent by even 12 hours but they suck at taking care of the tenants need. Roaches are all over the place day and night but there is no action taken. They promised us to provide different apartment and it's been 6 months they have no apartment ava

ilable.They also tried to cheat us by showing us bachelor apartment when we were paying the rent for one bedroom apartment.. Worst place !!!!! I will never recommend it to anyone. Waiting to get out of this hell...our experience with the main squatter residence and the management is very disappointing.

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When we moved in in June 2012, we discovered there were roaches and bed bugs in our apartment. We reported the problem to the management. It's our second week here and still nothing has been done. We're looking for another place to live. We have a small baby. We're not happy with the situation. It's going to cost us our last month rent to break the lease. The worst place ever!

if the tenants would stop picking up furniture and used bedding from the garbage bins and well known horders of the building it would stop such infestations of this magnatude

I have Bedbugs, it's horrible here it's like normmm, fleas, cockroaches and bedbugs. Nobody cares, management either,,,,,,

we had beg bugs but they sprayed the place.

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