189 Cedarvale Ave
Toronto, ON M4C

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Has the bed bug and roach problem beem taken care of now or is it still a problem?

There have been reports of cockroaches and bedbugs, in some apartments.
The landlord has currently engaged Magical Pest Control to treat all the units in the building.
To this end, a meeting was held Oct 24 in the lobby to review the upcoming procedures. Present were about two dozen tenants, representatives of CAPREIT, and the rep from Magical Pest Control.

Have there been any recent reports of bedbugs at this location this year? Please let me know!

at this address, there r bed bugs and getting worse each day. the landlord will NOT do anything about it , as well as cockroaches and fleas. i had to trow my bed out as well as other tenants and furniture as well because it was so bad at this location . in the past weeks, (during the month of August) 2010 the situation is getting worse. the landlord knows about the situation and ppl have moved out because of it . this needs to be looked into immediately !!

No nearby bug reports