165 Barrington Ave
Toronto, ON M4C

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September 1st 2011

I was told the last person who moved out, did not leave because of the bedbug issue.
The day I moved in I noticed six mattress outside.
Two weeks later I was being bitten and my apartment was infested. I've seen bedbugs in the hallways of this building as well.
Managment has offered to spray my unit however they do not spray on weekends and do not garuntee an exact date that the pest control people will arrive.
i had to rent a hotel room while my apartment was being tr

eated (on top of the cost of rent) and management was extremly rude to me from then on.
Don't bother living here.

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One day I found one in my doughter room on the drapery,and when I search on the bed I found 4 more.We sprayed one time by ourselfs and once the company ...then we moved out!We did that because we met lots of people who live there and had in the past one year bed b. so we could not live there enymore. My house was spotless ,I iron the shets on the bed everything is ironed in my house... The process is painfull ,I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks ! I am still in shock !

I don't know what happened...all of a sudden our bed was full of bedbugs, nothing to do with general cleanness, my wife is a clean freak...by the way we live in an apartment building...we informed the management, they were cooperative...we overheard that other people had this problem too...we sprayed, like 2-3 times, the entire apartment, and then caulked all the baseboards (myself)...used an hair dryer also to kill/push them off...I sealed all the cracks in the apartment basically...after 2-3 m

onths of fighting it seems that we got rid of them...terrible and exhausting job...this was in july-august-septembre 2010...

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